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Infinity 100 Comp Plan In Comparison To Mary Kay & Infinity Downline

In this article we will do a review of three business opportunities that utilize a form of multilevel marketing commission distribution between its members. We will look at the compensation plans and expenses involved with all three. The programs in review are Infinity 100, Mary Kay and Infinity Downline. Infinity 100 and Infinity Downline are similar in a few respects but different in other respects which we will cover.

Now with Mary Kay, you initially pay $100 one time to become a distributor. This would coincide with the distributor agreement submission and to order the start up kit. Infinity 100 cost $100 to join as well, is paid directly to the sponsoring member and is due every month to that sponsor. Infinity Downline cost $25 to join and has to be paid to the sponsor every month.

Mary Kay then sells to its distributors inventory for them to sell at 50% less than what the public can buy it for, effectively allowing the distributor to earn 50% commission. It has been noted by some people though that like a lot MLM companies that market personal care products or nutritional products that the products are drastically over priced as to their value in comparison to similar products that could be purchased say in Wal Mart or Target.

With Mary Kay the initial $100 application fee does not cover the product order. In order to stay an active Mary Kay member you must purchase at least $200 every 3 months, or you could lose your distributorship with Mary Kay. Your sponsor in Mary Kay will most likely encourage you to order a sizable amount of product in order for them to receive a larger commission off of your purchase.

As a Mary Kay distributor if you recruit new members you can earn 4% commission off of the product order of new members you bring in. After you have brought in 3 members you can earn $50 bonus off of each new member you bring in starting with the 4th member. However to qualify for that bonus, your new members must purchase at least $600 in products when they join.

Once you personally bring in 5 members you become a Team Leader. Now, instead of only earning 4% off the orders of your team, you can earn 9% to 13% off the orders of your team. You will only get the 13% though if your own personal order is at of at least $600 that month and every month.

When you join 8 new members, they have a position called Future Director and basically you have to commit to qualify to become a Director. And you have to make this commitment in writing. In this commitment you have 4 months to build a 30 member active team. Of those 30 you have to sponsor at least 8 of them. The other 22 members can be sponsored by the people you have brought in. Your entire teams worth of orders also must total at least $16,000.00 worth of orders, and that is at whole sale as well. These positions and amounts must be maintained to stay qualified.

This will get you to the Director level where you can earn an additional 9 to 13% commissions off the orders of your 30 plus team, if they continue to produce and qualify. Other bonuses for hitting certain sales criteria could be a car allowance, or cash bonuses.

Now let us look at the two Infinity Programs. Infinity 100 could be said to be the big brother of Infinity Downline. The owner and creator of both are the same, Peter Wolfing.The are similar in many respects but different in a lot of respects as well.

First of all let’s compare the compensation plan’s of the two. They both use what is called a reverse two up system. What is that? The reverse two up system is based on a concept called the power of 4. This means that most of what makes the compensation plan is based on the first 4 sales, meaning new members that you bring in.

Now in both of the two programs a new member gives to his sponsor his 2nd and 4th new member. That means he passes them up to his sponsor. This is all done automatically behind the scenes by the programing built into the system that keeps track of all the members.

A new member gives his sponsor sales number 2 and 4 and he gets to keep sales 1 and 3. Okay in both the programs every new member owes his sponsor 2 sales, their 2nd & 4th. It has a doubling effect hence the word Infinity in both of the programs names.

Let us explain, a new member passes up 2 sales to his sponsor and now those 2 sales become the new sponsors and in turn have to pass up 2 sales each. That totals to 4 new members a sponsor gets, but then those 4 sales have to pass up to their sponsor 2 sales each which is a total of 8 sales. Those 8 sales repeat the process and the number of sales a sponsor receives at this level is 16.

If you understood the above you would see that it just keeps doubling. In the above examples, 16 would double then to 32. 32 would double to 64 and it would keep going as far down the line as new members kept coming in. It could be a thousand levels, but it could be 10,000 as well.

As you can see, Mary Kay, Infinity 100 and Infinity Downline all three have similarities and differences in their compensation plans. This article is not a judgment on which is better or worse. It seems apparent that in all three significant incomes can be earned by performing to the satisfactions of the requirements set forth to earn those incomes.

If you are more interested in the Infinity programs, go to for Infinity 100 & Infinity Downline in comparison. For a short descriptive video go to Thank you.

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