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Increase Your Customer Base with Postcards

Increase Your Customer Base with Postcards

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Every good salesperson knows that making sales is a numbers game. The more opportunities you have to make a sale, the more sales you can close. Most people simply do not have enough customers to sell to; therefore, you need to advertise if you want to reach new prospects. Advertising can be done through a number of different venues. You could try anything from buying radio or TV time to simply mailing out information to people in your area. The most direct advertising venue is to mail out postcards.

Postcards Reach More People

Postcards allow you to send a visual message to your customers that won’t be gone in 30 seconds. Statistics show that a large number of people hold on to postcards as a reference for making their next purchase. Postcards also allow you to create an ad that will grab the reader’s attention. When you mail out information in envelopes, the recipient has to open it before they can see what is being offered. In contrast to a plain white envelope, a bold printed postcard is more likely to be looked at and considered. It is common knowledge that many people throw out unsolicited mail before even opening it. However, when you use a postcard, you can be sure to get your message across without running the risk of your ad ending up in the trash.

Much More Affordable Advertising

Advertising with postcards can also be much more affordable than using other mediums. When you consider that one 30-second television commercial can cost hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars, postcards are a much more cost-effective alternative. You can easily mail out hundreds of postcards for a relatively small investment. Advertising through postcards also allows you to have full control of the content of your ad. Most television and radio stations require your permission to edit your ad. If they don’t like the way you’ve put it together, they may not allow you on the air at all.

Professional Printing Makes It Easy

Using postcards is very easy when you choose a professional printing company. You can find many sites online that will allow you to upload your ad and have it printed. You can even find companies that offer templates to help you design your postcards. If you are not sure who to mail your postcards to, you could even buy a mailing list from the company. Many printing companies allow you to purchase lists for your area based on a certain criterion. You could choose to mail to all homeowners, or only those individuals who have an annual income over a certain level.

When you use a professional postcard printing company, you can send your advertising out very quickly. Many companies will print your postcards, address them, and have them in the mail within a few days. However, if you also want the company to create your graphics and select a layout, it might take a bit longer. Make sure you are aware of the company’s terms and restrictions before ordering any postcards and you should be just fine. The process is very simple, and you are sure to see a great return on your investment.

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