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Incorporating Today’s Latest Exhibit Trends In Your Business’ Trade Show Display

When it comes to making your business’ indelible mark on the showroom floor, ultimate success often relies on one critical component: your company’s final trade show display. No matter the size of your organization, or the type of live encounter marketing events you plan on participating in throughout the year, having a trade show display that captivates the wandering crowd can help ensure that your business consistently reaps maximum return on investment.

Trends To Consider With Your Company Trade Show Display

Staying ahead of the corporate trend curve at industry events plays a critical role in the type of attention your organization will receive at any given function. Understanding the very latest styles and designs when creating your trade show display plan for the upcoming season can help ensure that you garner audience attention wherever you exhibit.

When creating your final exhibit, consider the following cutting-edge trends to keep steady buzz around your booth:

Exhibit lines: Every year brings with it different style trends for the shape and design of exhibitors’ booths. Going with a “classic” look with long, simple lines not only helps your audience from getting overwhelmed, it can also mean that your exhibit will stay in fashion long after the fads fade.

Contrasting textures: Want to make a major impression on all your visiting guests? Trying including various, contrasting textures within your exhibit. For example, using cool colors for your branding images coupled with warmer materials in the booth itself can create a visual image that the opposition simply can’t compete with.

Hosting services: Gone forever are the days when all a business had to do was set up a simple table and chairs within the trade show display; today’s savvy entrepreneurs are catering to the crowd with a comprehensive range of hosting services. Lounge areas, coffee, refreshments and even charging stations for smartphones can help your guests feel right at home within your booth.

Meeting spaces: Beyond general lounge areas, modern exhibit trends are also showing that company leaders are setting up meeting spaces that are both inviting and private. By giving warm leads a place to confidentially discuss your needs, you’ll instantly help set yourself apart from the competition.

Live entertainment: Sure, the standard showroom coffee mug and pen handout have their place in long-term marketing strategies. However, in order to truly make a lasting impact on an audience, today’s entrepreneurs have to go bigger and bolder. Case in point: offering live entertainment at a trade show display has seen a major boost in popularity.

Multi-purpose visuals: Materials that offer various images from different angles have become a staple in modern booths and exhibits. By incorporating multi-purpose visuals throughout your stand, you’ll instantly create buzz while generating a range of images, all in one space.

Keeping at least some of these cutting-edge trends in mind when creating your updated business booth can deliver a distinctive range of features and options. Not only will you successfully stand head and shoulders above the competition, but you’ll also be poised for long-lasting impact on your targeted consumer demographic.

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