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Important Ways To Make Sure Your Business Trade Show Stands Are Helping You Work The Crowd

When it comes to promoting based on sheer numbers, few mediums compare to a trade show exhibit. With their extensive advertorial reach, marketing conventions and expos have long proven their immeasurable value for providing an ideal opportunity for any businesses in every industry to mingle with large groups of potential clientele at a single event. In just one stretch, a company can announce itself as an industry player, maintain a steady focus on the competition surrounding them at the venue, and network with the crowd in an effort to broaden brand message and convert leads into sales. A veritable marketing no-brainer, right?

Is Your Company Coming Up Short At Trade Show Exhibits?

But, what happens when a business realizes that its return on investment simply isn’t justifying expenses incurred with the event? When conducting a post-event analysis, companies may discover that despite a well-planned list of objectives, a comprehensive plan for lead gathering, and a polished and professional team manning the stand itself, the traffic and networking opportunities just aren’t there. What then?

Reevaluating Your Company’s Trade Show Stands For Optimal Return On Investment

More often than not, if all other components have been put soundly into place, the issue may lie squarely on the shoulders of the company’s trade show stands and banner stands. Whether outdated, overdone or simply ho-hum, the appeal, or lack thereof, of a business trade show exhibit plays a major role in an organization’s overall success at the event. When looking at your company’s banner stands and trade show exhibits ask yourself, “If I were in the crowd, would this display compel me to stop in for a closer look?” If the answer is a resounding “No!” it’s time to reevaluate the booth’s look, design and flow.

Reworking Exhibits And Banner Stands

Fortunately, companies have the option to work with a professional trade show exhibit designer to effectively rework a booth to help minimize costs. Always partner with a reputable vendor that has a national presence and extensive history in the booth design industry. Most importantly, settling for a cookie cutter display simply won’t do; always make sure the company you team with understands your organization’s vision and objectives for a customized final look. During the collaboration process, keep the following important questions in mind.

1. Is the company name clearly visible? Does it match the font and graphics on complementary banner stands?
2. Is the booth visually appealing and inviting?
3. Does the floor plan flow well?
4. Is there adequate storage for personal items, back up collateral, etc.?
5. Are products and collateral prominently displayed and easily accessible?
6. Is there an allocated spot for seating guests that want a more in-depth conversation/demonstration?

Maintaining a steady focus on features that specifically satisfy these questions will help ensure your business not only creates a final product to be proud of, but also will help create an inviting and informative atmosphere for potential clients. Once they’ve stopped in, it’s now up to your stellar sales staff to keep them engaged to truly maximize the networking opportunity.

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