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How To Zoom In On Your Visitor?

Web marketing has become infinitely more complicated since the Internet really took off as a tool for ecommerce about a decade ago. Since the early days of the pioneers of the new economy, spamming emails in the hopes of getting people to buy things online, Web marketing has become an industry onto itself. There are entire companies in cyberspace now who’s only job is to tell web business owners how to increase their SEO page rankings, and therefore sales, with a variety of new techniques all designed to put one entrepreneur ahead of the other.

One of the latest ideas that has emerged is the concept of targeted versus untargeted visitors to any particular website. For any business owner to know how to increase sales, they first need to have a solid idea of how to draw specific customers that will be interested in purchasing their goods or services. Understanding this idea and the differences between these concepts is central to a successful business venture.

The first idea involves being specific and getting the customers to click on your site by targeting those customers or by selecting those people you know will be interested in the goods or service that you’ve got to sell. This is done by buying information about the keywords that are generally used and are close to what your service has to offer. The Internet offers listings for many companies that can sell you information about the exact times when people are using keywords or phrases that you specify. These companies often offer a pop up service whereby your website pops up while the prospect is looking at the results of a keyword search.

Another method for getting clicks to your site is through untargeted visitors. This is the method most people use since it is free, but it is of course much less specific than the targeted visitor method. Untargeted traffic differs from targeted traffic in that the visitors to the site have not been specifically led there by an advertising call to action or a company selling keyword information. In some ways, using the untargeted method is like fishing in a pond while using the targeted strategy is more like tapping into a specific stream.

However, using the untargeted system does not mean that you won’t be able to track a wider range of visitors to the site. There are many companies that offer tracking systems where the site owner can look at important statistics like the number of unique visitors and the number of hits. The difference here is that using the untargeted system does not drive a specific clientele base toward your website. Untargeted visitors are not streamlined by anything other than the manner of keywords or phrases you use that are picked by search engines and any other kind of advertising you do.

One of the bigger advantages to using an untargeted system comes when you sell your website. A site that shows more traffic, even unfiltered, is worth more on the market.

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