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How To Write Classified Ads Looking For Home Sellers

How To Write Classified Ads Looking For Home Sellers

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As any professional home wholesaler can tell you, you are only as good as your buyers and your sellers. Run out of either, and your business comes to a screeching halt. That’s why every good wholesaler should constantly be on the lookout for fresh buyers and sellers so that business continues along without any costly interruptions. Using both print and online classified ads to find new sellers is a cost effective way of creating new leads that can easily be turned into new sales, but it is important that you write an ad that has the following five features:


Above all else, your classified ad should make you and your business look professional, above the board and trustworthy on every level. The idea of home wholesaling may be new to some people, but it is an honest and straightforward way to make a living. You have nothing to hide, and your ads should demonstrate this. Clearly state what you offer, how you can help people and that contacting you is free. You want potential sellers to feel welcomed by your ad and since you are searching for motivated sellers, you want to create a feeling that you, more than anyone else, can help.


One cardinal mistake that many home wholesalers make is that their classified ads are too salesy. Yes, you do need to sell your services to the general public, but by coming on too strong, you can ruin your reputation. Try for an overwhelmingly positive approach. Make sellers feel that you can help and that you have the solution to their problems. Don’t promise miracles or guarantee that you can help them, but have your ad be positive, bright and welcoming so that people don’t think twice about contacting you.


Honesty and integrity is an important part of any small business, but when you are dealing with the sums of money that professional real estate wholesalers deal with, honesty is absolutely the single most important part of the whole equation. You can’t promise people the world with your ads, but you can promise that you’ll outwork every other realtor, broker or real estate professional in your area. You can promise that you’ll care more, that you’ll do everything in your power to get the seller the best price possible and that you’ll close as quickly as you can.


One of the most difficult tones to strike is that of reassurance. When overdone, reassurance often ends up sounding condescending; too much of that and you turn off every seller instantly. What you need to remember is that you are looking for truly motivated sellers; people who, for one reason or another, need to sell their home as quickly as humanly possible. These people are likely scared out of their wits and are looking for someone, anyone, to help them. That is where you and your classified ad comes in. Make the seller feel welcome, give them hope by clearly stating what you do and let them know that you will do what you can to move along the home buying process as quickly as possible. Reassurance can be tough, but it is absolutely essential to a well written classified ad.


Once you have managed to include all of the information stated above, you may want to work on your closing signature. Include your name, website and phone number. If you have to decide between a phone and a website, go with your phone since there is a chance that the economic difficulties your seller is having has negated their Internet connection.


All you want people to do is contact you! Don’t try to sell the property right then and there. Sell the ACTION of getting them to contact you. You aren’t selling a house here, you’re selling yourself for all intents and purposes.

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