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How To Write A Press Release For Your Retail Business

How To Write A Press Release For Your Retail Business

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Your question is very commonly asked by online retail owners. You have probably read that press releases can help you bring traffic and attention to your website.

Like many smaller retailers, you may be having trouble getting to the top of the Google listings for your keywords and you like the idea of getting your site picked up based on something new like a press release. But, what do you send a release about?

Even though the news may seem to be dominated by football’s Beckham, Goldman Sachs bonuses, Bernie Madoffs scandal and the Bing/Google competition, your news does not need to be quite that news worthy in order to work. And in the case of Goldman Sachs and Bernie Madoff, that’s probably a good thing.

Okay then, what is news worthy in the world of Internet retailers? Back up and think about what news is: it is information about recent events or happenings, information that was not known before or novel information, and in the case of news publications, add that it is of interest to their readership. Here are some possibilities.

Starting a blog

Do you have a blog? If not, why not? Blogs are one of the best ways these days to add fresh content to your site and make a connection with your customers and potential customers. Think about what you sell. What can you blog about? The product itself as in innovations, uses, impact? The industry? The users?

For example, you sell air purifiers. You can write about the different systems of purification, new ideas coming up, the value of air purification, the impact of new air-borne pathogens and so on. Start a blog! If you have one, have you announced it yet? Even if you have been blogging for a while, you can announce that you are taking your blogging to a new level, adding a guest blogger or taking on the industry in a particular way. If your blog is new, it is already news worthy.

Launch a new site or feature

It is always useful to readers to know about a news site, especially a site that is a source for a product that someone wants to buy. You can even send a press release if you have added a new feature to your site such as customer reviews or a how-to video section.

Run a contest

Reach into your sales and marketing bag of tricks and look at some of the traffic-generating techniques that you might use. These techniques generate traffic because they are intersting to people; if they are interesting, they are news worthy.

How about deciding to run a contest? For example, you place your son’s stuffed animal on your site as your new mascot and run a contest to name your mascot. The prize is a toaster, the product that you sell. It is fun and interesting and you can announce it in a press release that also mentions your product without having it sound like you are trying to sell something. Then, when someone comes up with your mascot’s name, Bunny Pop Up or The Toaster Poodle, you can send out another press release.


Have you won an award? Received notoriety for some reason hopefully good? Write about it!

Proceeds to Charity

It is almost always a positive when an online business makes the decision to support a charitable cause by donating some of its proceeds. If you have chosen to do so, good for you. Now take advantage of one of the perks associated with your good-hearted decision; talk about it! Not only do you give your site some publicity, you also provide further exposure for the cause that you are supporting.

Survey Information

People are constantly searching for data on the Internet. Do you have data that you are willing to put out there? For example, by analysing your customer database and discover that last year people seemed to shop between 7pm and 10pm. This year there has been a decided shift towards 3pm and 5pm. Are people starting to find ways to shop from their workplace? Or, are employers shortening the workday to save money?

Alternatively, you find that shoppers are now purchasing actively until midnight. Are people too busy working and must wait until later to shop? Your information is interesting. You can either publish it on your site and send a press release about it with your conjectures or simply ask the question of your purchasers and see what they say then publish the results.

Now this tactic may seem a bit far afield of your main objective to sell your product, but you may find that bloggers pick up your information, visit your site and start talking about not only the data but about your site as well.

Strategic Partnership

Have you, as a seller of scrapbooking materials, just forged a partnership with a photo and graphics site so your customers will get special cross discounts? Announce that partnership and its advantages to shoppers.


Did you just sell your millionth pair of earrings? Get funded by an investor? Buy a new business? It is all news that you can use.

Go Green

Have you found ways to go green? Have you just made a commitment in your business to recycled packing materials, no bottled water in the office, public transportation to work at least one day a week and so on? Announce it! People are looking for green alternative companies.

Your news may not be interesting to everyone, but depending on what you are announcing, there is someone who will be interested.

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