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How To Use The Web 2.0 To Market Your Home Business Website

You’ve created your home business website, selected the products you’re going to advertise online and now you need to generate traffic to your offers. You’ve decided to add social marketing to your Internet marketing strategy via the web 2.0 and now you’re researching for the best way to create your plan of attack.

First of all what is the web 2.0? The easiest way to explain this relatively new trend online is by saying they are user generated content websites. Users create profiles and then add their own content in the form of articles, videos, music and pictures.

Many of these sites such as Facebook and MySpace are social networking pages dedicated to creating communities for bringing people together to share their opinions, their values and their likes and dislikes and they invite comments from their visitors.

These social networking sites, which are very popular on the web, are springing up all over the Internet and have created an unbelievable Internet marketing opportunity for home business owners with the added benefit being it is virtually free to use. The web 2.0 consists of various types of these websites with each one offering a unique marketing opportunity for your enterprise.

You can begin your social website marketing campaign with web 2.0 blogs. These online diaries allow you to add daily entries for your visitors to see. In order to market your products you need to tailor your remarks around the benefits of your merchandise while highlighting the features of each and the problems they can solve for your potential customers. These comments must contain links pointing back to your website.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace allow people to see the person behind the business which makes it that much easier to close the sale. By networking on these sites you’re able to drive targeted traffic to your home business merchandise thereby increasing sales and profits.

Video sharing websites such as YouTube provide another avenue for your web 2.0 strategies allowing you to create videos to upload and share with visitors to these sites. Your production should be centered on your business and your merchandise with the objective being to drive traffic to your home page via the links attached in your video.

One advantage of creating video ads is the possibility one of them may become so popular online that it will go viral. This means people who view it enjoy it so much they recommend it to their friends and family via email with your link attached. This word of mouth advertising can create an endless stream of visitors to your website for a long while to come.

Social bookmarking websites provide another very effective traffic generating opportunity for your home business web page. These websites allow you to create a profile and simply post your link or create a bookmark to your site on their home page.

This makes your link visible for all their website visitors which can result in more targeted traffic to your website. These social bookmarking sites provide the opportunity for high reward in terms of new visitors for your site for little effort on your behalf.

The new web 2.0 has afforded home business owners online a unique opportunity to increase sales and profits while at the same time raising the profile of their enterprise on the web by networking on these various web pages.

Bob Withers is a professional sales and marketing person with over twenty years in the field. He has now set his sights on affiliate marketing and creating successful home based businesses online to apply his trade. To get in touch with Bob and learn more about Affiliate Marketing or setting up an Internet based Home Business please visit:

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