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How To Reap The Benefits Of Trade Show Participation

A trade show display is a common spectacle at trade shows and exhibits. This device is a powerful marketing tool used by exhibitors to promote and demonstrate new products and services.

Trade show displays provide an ideal platform for exhibitors to increase their visibility as well as convey their target message to an audience of potential consumers.

Most exhibitors integrate graphic images and creative slogans into their displays to capture audience attention and draw them towards their exhibit area.

The main objective of every exhibitor at a trade show is to generate high quality leads which might translate into sales. The only way this can be achieved is by increasing consumer foot traffic to their display booth.

The efficiency of a trade show display is usually dictated by its ability to influence consumer interest in the span of a few seconds and entice them into the display booth.

In order to increase booth traffic, there are certain key elements that should be taken into consideration. First is to pick out a location that could generate the most consumer foot traffic.

Refrain from setting up near the entrance or exit points of the venue. Although these areas generate heavy crowd flow, it can dissuade visitors from checking out your display booth because of the chaotic environment.

The second key element is to make use of trade show graphics in your display presentation. The presence of graphic images can greatly impact your exhibit space.

Trade show graphics are effective tools in communicating what your company and products are all about. Practice the old adage – less is more – on your booth graphics in order to keep potential consumers engaged.

Keep the details to a minimum. Only present the important points of your product.

The next key element to attracting foot traffic to your display booth is to incorporate audio-visual and lighting effects into your exhibit area. The use of lighting effects can set the right tone for your trade show display.

It can also enhance the impact of your graphic images, making them appear more vivid and alive. The most captivating way to educate visitors about your product is by employing audio/visual elements into your exhibit.

Using plasma screens and surround sound are interactive ways of introducing your product line to visitors, which should keep them immensely interested.

Giving away promotional items is another element that can draw booth traffic. Everyone enjoys getting freebies. Handing out free items can actually work to your advantage.

Not only can it increase crowd flow into your exhibit space but also provide an opportunity to generate interest in your product line. In addition, promotional items increase product awareness and recognition.

Promotional products can range from tote bags to USB drives. The items should communicate your company identity and brand image.

Finally, employing trade show entertainment is fast becoming a key strategy in drawing crowd attention to your display booth. Choose a trade show entertainment that convey your sales message and reflects your brand.

Common examples of trade show entertainment are money blowing machines, trade show magicians and virtual game experiences.

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