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How To Protect Pop Up Displays Between Trade Shows

Pop up displays are powerful tools at trade shows. They spark interest in your company and help build name recognition. To keep these important marketing tools looking and performing their best, it is important to inspect them for dirt or damage at the end of each trade show and make any necessary repairs right away. After being inspected, they should be packed in boxes and bags designed for that purpose and they should then be stored in a safe and secure location. These little extra efforts pay off in the long run. They prevent arriving at the next event only to discover that they don’t “pop” like they used to or that an important piece has somehow gone missing.

Check Pop Up Displays For Dirt Or Damage

By the end of a trade show, you and your crew are probably worn out, but this is not the time to slack off. Motivate the team to go just a little bit further and take a few minutes to really look at the pop up displays. Or, you could create a schedule for a specific staff member whose responsibility is to inspect materials before they are packed away.

High traffic industry events can cause wear and tear that detracts from the appearance and performance of displays at future trade shows. Did an edge get brushed against a little too often? Make a note about repositioning it next time and do any necessary repairs right away. It is far too easy to forget about it once they are packed away. How about qthat coffee spill? Did it splash onto any of the surfaces? It is much easier to clean it immediately. Later may be too late. Making a habit of inspecting equipment at the end of each event ensures that they will look their best at the next trade show.

Pack Pop Up Displays Carefully

High quality pop up displays are designed for easy assembly and storage. Carefully packing them back into their original containers is an excellent way to protect them from damage during shipping or travel. Before you start packing, however, you may want to create an inventory sheet to make sure that important little pieces aren’t left behind. Also, if there is one aspect of packing up that seems to always cause problems, talk with your team about a solution. By creating a method that works for everyone on the team, damage will be less likely.

Store Pop Up Displays In A Safe And Secure Location

After being inspected and packed away carefully, be sure to pick a good place to store your exhibits between events. Moisture can damage even the best materials and an accidental collision with a forklift can be devastating. Like other investments, this equipment deserves a little forethought.

By setting aside a few minutes at the end of each trade show to inspect your materials and equipment, packing them carefully, and storing them in a safe place, you will protect your advertising investment and ensure a powerful impact at your next trade show.

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