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How To Promote Your Charity Using Silicone Wristbands

The silicon wristband has become an effective marketing tool for any type of charity or organization. The importance of the wristband is what is conveyed through its colour and printed message. This is part of the branding for any group.

All companies, including non-profits and charities, are recognized by some logo, saying or catch-phrase. It is a convenient way for people to identify and remember the group. This is all part of branding a message.

Defining the branding early on helps to create visibility to a charity or cause. It is the simplest way to convey to people what you are about. The wrong brand can confuse people as to what the organization stands for. And if no brand is created, people will still come up with an imaginative way to recognise a group. It is more effective to have an appropriate brand in place than to rely on the public to create one for you.

There are many activities on the “to do” list of a charity and branding can become a low priority. The effort spent creating an effective brand is well worth the time and money. Think about the impact of the pink ribbon logo or the “Just Do It” saying and how those branding tools connect you back to a company or organization. This is what you want for your charity or non-profit.

The silicon wristband or bracelet is an ideal way to announce the brand of your charity.

Silicon wristbands show up on the arms of every body, from the casually dressed walker in the park to the business suite attired executive in the boardroom. People like to display the organizations that they support. Silicone wristbands are an easy way to do that.

These wristbands are made of a material that is non-allergenic to the majority of people. They stretch which means one-size-fits-all. You need not carry an inventory of sizes, although you may have children and adult sized wristbands.

They are inexpensive which makes an important statement. As a charity, you have better ways to spend your money than expensive promotional items. This is a message that people who give to a charity can connect with.

The wristbands come in different colors and it is worth thinking about what colour feels right for your charity. A pink ribbon has universal recognition for cancer awareness. Is your message more vivid in a bold color? Softer pastel? Earth tones? For every charity and organization, there is a color that fits their message.

Finally, the message on charity wristbands is as important as any other media message you can create. What face do you want to put out to the world? How would you like people to remember you? Your message on a wristband becomes a powerful promotional tool.

Inexpensive and highly customizable, silicone wristbands are a great give-away, fund-raiser and attention-getting device to put the message of your charity or cause into the hands, and on the wrists, of the public that supports you.

David Taylor is a director of Global Promotional Solutions (, a leading supplier of silicone wristbands for businesses and charities throughout the UK and worldwide.

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