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How To Plan For Trade Show Expenses

Trade shows are important throughout a number of industries; however, companies that are new to exhibiting might not know exactly what it will cost to attend. Before committing to attending these marketing expos, make sure that you understand what you’ll need to include in your budget. Knowing the details ahead of time will help ensure that you don’t run out of cash before the event is over.

What Does The Space Cost?

Nearly everything costs money at the venue, but the biggest venue expense will be the display space itself. You’ll need to pay for the booth space and, in some cases, this won’t come cheap. If you’re working with a budget, consider asking the event organizers if you can share a booth space with another company. If this isn’t an option, ask the organizers if it’s possible to cut costs by volunteering your services. If you can help direct other companies during the setup process or design the event’s brochures, you may be able to reduce your expenses to a more manageable level.

How Much Do You Want To Spend? Consider Bannerstands As A Budget-Friendly Option

Your exhibit is likely to be one of the most expensive parts of attending. However, just because it’s possible to spend thousands on a display doesn’t mean that you have to! If you’re looking for a smaller display space, consider purchasing a few bannerstands and a table top display. Bannerstands can be used individually or connected together to create a backdrop, depending on how much space you have available. Another benefit of using bannerstands and other small display elements is that these items pack up small and allow your own staff to bring them into the venue without requiring a lot of assistance from event staff. Using these small bannerstands also means that you won’t need to worry about spending a lot of money to ship your exhibit, cutting your costs even further.

Don’t Forget Your Promotional Materials

You’ll definitely want to give your attendees something to remind them of your company. Many companies choose to give out swag as promotional items, but this can be expensive. Instead of handing out T-shirts or more expensive items, consider handing out a ball point pen that’s branded with your name and logo.

You should also include some printed brochures or other marketing materials. While you don’t want to simply photocopy your brochure, it’s still possible to save money. Use a one color printing process rather than a full color process to save some cash. Although many companies have more than one type of marketing brochure, consider only having one printed and including a QR code that links to the rest of your promotional material. This will ensure that your customers can receive all your information, but that you don’t need to pay to print everything.

These are just some of the costs associating with taking your trade show displays and bannerstands to a trade show or marketing event. Even though the expense can be steep, most companies report that the return on investment is well worth it, as long as you approach the event in the right manner.

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