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How To Manage Your Business’ PR Relations For Increased Success At Trade Show Exhibits

Any organization that has ever engaged in trade show exhibits understands that the goals and focus of participating in these industry events is multi-fold. Action items like strengthening and furthering brand exposure, mingling with a company’s specific targeted client base and even getting the inside scoop on what the competition has brewing are all some of the main priorities and objectives organizations try to achieve during these functions. Even networking and affiliation opportunities will all find their way to the top of the “must-do” checklist for companies setting up banner stands for a trade show display at any one of the countless industry trade show exhibits that occur annually.

Don’t Miss Out On An Important Networking Opportunity At Trade Show Exhibits

However, all too often, business leaders drop the ball on one very specific and unique opportunity that trade show exhibits present: cultivating a relationship with some of the press and media organizations that work each and every marketing function. Sure, every company does their own internal event promotions to get the word out about upcoming trade show exhibits. However, aligning your organization with the third party press and media firms that attend these functions is an excellent way to tap into a virtually unlimited promotional resource that can help put your company on the map (and implanted firmly in your prospective customers’ minds!) while further establishing your business as an industry leader and innovator. Failing to make managing press and media relations at any event a priority can quickly prove a critical and costly error.

Simple Ways To Keep Press And Media Relations A Top Priority

Like any marketing endeavor, companies need to plan for success. If you’re currently not leveraging all the benefits that networking with the event press delivers, it’s time to start. The first step to take is researching which media firms will be at any particular event. Contact your hosting venue to see if they have a list of this year’s attendees. If not, ask if they can forward along the details from last year’s function. This is a great way for you to strategize specific attendees and outline various pitches with your staff to help ensure a positive engagement and dialogue with each and every one.

The next step in the equation for success is creating a schedule for your team that allows them pockets of time to meet and mingle with members of the attending media. Putting together this type of schedule helps ensure that your staff has the bandwidth needed to network properly. Additionally an itinerary also helps manage your team’s expectations that these meetings are a top priority that they will be held accountable to as part of their duties at these trade show exhibits.

Once you have made connections with the media, it’s important to treat your new contact as you would any prospective client or affiliate. Always follow up with the reporters and bloggers that you meet at functions as soon as it’s appropriate. Remember, when you do follow up, also reference specific details about your meeting. Also, if you promised material or information during your meeting, always follow through and send along as promptly as possible to help further strengthen their overall impression of your organization for optimal results!

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