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How To Make Your Company’s Email Marketing Solution A Success

So you’ve decided your company or business should develop an email marketing solution that you hope will increase your revenues. You’ve signed on to an email provider and even started organizing your email subscribers list just to get the ball rolling. Then after a few dozen emails and some marketing promotions later, you’re still as lost as you were the first day you started and you have no idea if what you’re doing is doing any good. Here are some great tips on how you can get that email marketing solution you’ve started into high gear.

Personalize as much as possible

You want your customers to feel warm and welcome . You want them to feel as if they’re corresponding to a real person, not to a robot or to a pre-generated message. Use your customer’s first names, or if possible, ask them how they would like to be addressed. Then, use conversational language in your email. Stilted and robotic language that looks like they’ve been generated by a soulless machine won’t work. Be warm and friendly in your emails. But don’t be too chummy either. Inject a sense of professionalism in your email too.

Correct FROM names and identifiable SUBJECT lines

Most people don’t open an email unless they can identify who it’s from and what the subject of the email is. Make sure your customers recognize the email is from your company and not from some random spammer. If your customer knows your company as JBC Market, use that instead of your real name Joe B. Carter, a name your customer might not know if they don’t know you’re the owner of JBC Market. Just as well, use subject lines that are pertinent and informative. If you’re giving away free tickets to a concert, use “free tickets to concert” instead of “JBC promo.”

Do not act like a spammer

Provide easy ways for your customers to unsubscribe. Set up your email marketing solution so your customers receive emails only on deals they are interested in. Do not send emails of the same deals repeatedly. And do not, in any way, send every minute details of your company’s activity to your customers.

An email a month is tolerable traffic. An email weekly is also okay. But an email from your company every day or every other day is enough to push your customers to include your company’s email address in the SPAM folder or in their blocked list, no matter if your company has a legitimate promo or deals every day. Continuous, almost daily emails are still spam, no matter if they have valid content. Never make the mistake of making your customers regret subscribing to your emails. Limit your emails responsibly.

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