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How To Make Trade Show Displays More Fun

It’s all too easy to get lost in the shuffle at marketing events. Competition is high and so are the stakes. Company reputations are on the line. Unless qualified prospects, beneficial suppliers, and industry leaders notice and learn more about a company’s goods or services, the time, money, and effort to attend an event are all wasted, or worse.

One of the best ways to attract larger, more lucrative, crowds to a booth is to make it fun. Attendees have heard all the sales pitches, collected more swag than they’ll ever need, and their feet are probably tired. Creating a space that is both fun and comfortable, while focusing on the people who can most benefit your business, makes it a better experience for everyone. So, who are you trying to attract and how can your company appeal to them in a way that is fun?

Identify Target Market

There’s no sense working to attract everyone who visits an event. First of all, it isn’t possible. Second, it isn’t cost effective. Before a company can design fun trade show displays, the target market must be identified. Target markets vary, depending upon the company’s goals for an event. Increasing sales, making professional contacts, or reaching out with new technologies are just a few of the more common goals. After identifying the target market, the fun can begin!

Turn Your Trade Show Displays Into A Game!

People enjoy games. Companies can integrate product information with trivia games, puzzles, and video games that both educate and entertain. Give attendees a moment of respite while teaching them about the company and what it has to offer. This will also help winnow out unproductive visitors because they won’t be interested in those particular games. As the crowd builds, more potential contacts will be attracted to your trade show displays, to see what everyone else is interested in. The results can be profound.

Dig Deeper With Drawings

Drawings provide an excellent opportunity to collect contact information while educating and entertaining attendees and industry professionals. Offer up one large prize that would be considered valuable to the target market and several smaller prizes that might appeal to the margins of that group. Fruitless attendees won’t be interested or waste valuable time and the company is able to gather large numbers of potential qualified contacts.

Provide Some Comfort

The chaos and noise of most industry marketing events can be overwhelming to some. If there’s room, create a quieter space off to one side with a couple of chairs, a small table, and maybe some coffee or small snacks. This area provides an opportunity to talk more intimately with valuable contacts without detracting from the rest of your trade show displays. These small areas can also provide handy storage, hidden from sight, for personal items, product literature and merchandise stores.

Identifying the company goals and creating fun trade show displays is an excellent way to boost the impact and effectiveness of attending industry expos.

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