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How To Make More Money Online By Selling To Red Hot Prospects Who Are EAGER To Buy YOUR Products!

Every single person who is trying to make money online wants the same thing. RED HOT prospects who are ready to pull out their credit cards and buy their products.

Everyone selling a product or service online fantasizes about placing their ads where a HUGE number of people are ready and willing to buy their stuff.

We all want quality visitors to come to our website like bugs drawn towards a light bulb. We really do and for good reason.

More quality visitors mean more money in your pocket and a great ad put in the right place can provide MASSIVE amounts of quality visitors on a consistent basis.

So how can you start attracting these red hot quality visitors to your website? Well there are many ways. But in this article we will focus specifically on ezine advertising.

It is one of the most effective ways to find prospects who are highly interested in what you have to offer.

But before we get into the specifics, exactly what is ezine advertising? I suppose we all know what Advertising is so the real question is, what is an ezine?

An ezine is simply an online magazine. In other words, it is an electronic magazine. So in short, we just call it an ezine. All the newsletters you read on the internet can also be referred to as ezines.

So, why is advertising in ezines, AKA ezine advertising such an effective and powerful method of getting quality prospects to your website?

Well, have you ever signed up to an online newsletter to receive information on a topic you are passionately interested in? The answer is probably a big Yes.

I know I have, several times in fact. You see, everyday thousands of people just like you and me sign up to online newsletters and magazines so that they can continuously have access to information that they WANT to read about.

And it does not end there.

These people do not just read about topics they like. They also buy products related to the topics they love to read about.

For instance, people who love to read golf ezines buy golf products. People who love to read business opportunity ezines buy products that can help them make money.

Makes sense right?

So if you really wanted to sell golf products wouldnt it make sense to advertise in golf ezines so that your product would be seen by thousands of drooling golf lovers? I bet you, it would.

Or if you wanted to sell a business opportunity wouldnt it make sense to advertise in business opportunity ezines where people who seriously want to make money will see your ads?

Of course it would!

So if you really want to find red hot sizzling prospects, people who really want to buy your product ALREADY, then you owe it to yourself to start ezine advertising.

It has been responsible for the success of thousands of online marketers for a very long time.

No wonder they do not tell you about it!

The wonderful thing about ezines is that there are many ways to advertise.

You can pay to have your ad sent all by itself to all the ezine subscribers without any other ads next to it.

This is called a solo ad and it is very powerful because it has the full attention of your prospects.

Imagine that! Thousands of readers focusing on your ad alone. Readers who are most likely interested in buying your product.

You can also pay for classified ads or sponsor ads. However, if you do not want to pay for an ad, you can simply submit a very helpful and informative article to an ezine publisher who is willing to publish your article in their ezine.

Potential buyers will then read your article and if they like what you have to say they will visit your website to learn more. That way, you can develop your relationship with them even further.

Let me give you some action steps to take in order to start getting a huge number of quality visitors to your site, visitors who are ready, sometimes even DESPERATE to buy your products.

1. Write down the name of the product you plan to sell

2. List the problems that your product will help people solve.

3. List the types of newsletters that people with the problems your product solves are likely to read. For example, do they read health newsletters or gardening newsletters.

4. Search for those newsletters online.

5. Decide whether you want to run a paid ad or write an article

6. Advertise!

If you follow these proven steps, you will start getting visitors who are VERY interested in buying your products or services.

Imagine how you will feel when after a hard days work you find 10 or 12 new orders for your product, whether it is your own or an affiliate product.

That is the power of ezines! So start using them to advertise your business and products today.

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