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How To Keep Your Blog Subscribers Responsive To Your Offers!

If you have been marketing online for a while then you probably have a blog that provides people with valuable information.

Most likely, your blog has a sign up form that allows people to subscribe to your list.

The only problem is that you find it difficult to get the people who subscribe to remain on your list. And if they remain, they are generally unresponsive. Many do not even open your emails.

Sounds familiar?

The truth is that this is a nightmare that several bloggers face. It can be very frustrating and discouraging if it persists.

Worse still, your online business can fail completely if you do not do something about it quickly.So what is the solution? How on earth do you keep your subscribers responsive?

Well, the best way is to start your own newsletter. It is the easiest and most profitable way that I have come across.

Of course there are other ways such as sending out an occasional informative article or free ecourses every now and then. But, in my view, a newsletter is the best because of the psychological effect it has on your subscribers.

What does that mean?

Well, when was the last time you signed up to a newsletter? Did you notice that upon signing up you began to expect the newsletter to be sent out to you at the time promised?

So if the sign up page promised that you would receive the newsletter every week then that is exactly what you expected.

Infact, if the newsletter was not sent out during any particular week, you felt annoyed because you felt like you had been cheated into entering your email address.

I guess the point I want you to get is that if you tell people that they are signing up to a newsletter on your sign up page, they will expect you to communicate with them in accordance with your promise.

In other words, you will move from an unwelcome pest to a welcome guest in the minds of your subscribers.

So if a newsletter has such a powerful effect, then it is absolutely critical to make sure you get it right, is it not?

In light of this, let us look at a few things you can immediately start doing to create a powerful newsletter that will keep your subscribers responsive so that YOUR online business can generate profits with greater ease.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that each newsletter that you send out is of the highest quality possible.

This is vital. If you get this wrong you can actually kill your business.

It is so important that you should not even bother writing a newsletter if you can clearly see that for some reason or the other you will not have time to put together good quality information.

Pay someone else if you have to.

The reason for this is that when you send out a newsletter that is of poor quality, your subscribers will no longer trust in anything you say.

They will perceive you as the person who sends them information that is simply unhelpful, incorrect or shallow.

It is a trust issue and people need to trust you in order to keep doing business with you.

So it is very important to make sure that every email you send offers your subscribers information that you KNOW they will value.

Each email must help them do something or show them how to avoid something that might harm their online business.

As a rule of thumb, I have discovered that if you make your first 12 newsletters absolutely top notch and jam packed with your very best information, more of your subscribers will remain on your list longer.

They will even forgive you if you slack once in a while and send out an average newsletter. So get those first 12 newsletters correct and you will increase the chances of creating a highly profitable life time relationship with your subscribers.

But of course, your aim should be to make ALL your newsletters excellent.

The second thing you need to do in order to create a newsletter that will keep your subscribers engaged and responsive to you is to send it out frequently.

There is no hard and fast rule for this, but 1 or 2 times a week works well. If you send it once every 3 weeks, your subscribers will probably forget you exist and you will lose potential customers.

Worse still, they will probably become your competitors customers! So 1 or 2 times a week works well.

The last tip for creating a newsletter that your subscribers will absolutely love is to keep each newsletter between 800 to 1000 words.

This way you can provide meaty information that will actually improve the lives of your subscribers, information that they will appreciate.

If your newsletter is too short it may not be of much value to your subscribers and they will respond by NOT opening your emails or unsubscribing.

The flip side of the coin is that if it is too long, your subscribers may be overwhelmed by all the information. They will then start looking for a newsletter that is easier to digest.

So keep it between 800 to 1000 words for maximum results.

If you follow these tips, your subscribers will remain responsive to you and your offers for a long time. They will be responsive for a length of time that will enable you to build a solid online business.

That will create a win win relationship in which your online business will steadily become more and more profitable and your subscribers will gain useful and actionable insights from your quality newsletter.

That is the way things should work.

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