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How To Increase Your Brand Awareness With A Better Website Design

Having a good website design is vital to generate a positive and professional appearance to its client base. It should form a valuable part of the overall branding of the business, and have a common theme throughout. This theme helps customers to identify with the business wherever they see it, online, at the business premises, on business vehicles, printed literature and so on.

This branding should be the foundation of everything. The branding design can be extracted from the business logo, so as to provide the first basic design element, repetition. It is this repetition that will help people identify with the business. Eventually, whenever a client sees the branding, one of the first things they should think of is trust.

This trust is built up in a variety of ways. Firstly on the website, you can offer a variety of help, advice, tips and solution which are closely related to your business. This is known as content marketing and is one of the best ways to get your message across to your customers.

Of course, once someone makes the purchase, trust is built up again thereafter, in that you not only deliver, but offer any kind of after sales support you can. This also helps you keep in contact with your customer, and enable you to keep them as a returning customer.

Naturally, to enhance this message, your website design should be consistent to look at throughout, and continue your branding. Your website should have the same styles fonts throughout, along with a hierarchy to enable visitors to know what is content and what are headers.

The color scheme should remain consistent throughout, along with any graphical interface features such as buttons also being consistent in looks.

Essentially, all pages should be the same in structure as one another, and enable the viewer to easily see, and navigate throughout. Good design will help keep the viewer on the site, and it should be as easy as possible for them to use. People are lazy, so good design that makes it easy for them, will increase the chances of the viewer remaining.

If the design is poor, then this will reflect on your business. People will think that if little effort has been put in here, then chances are, little effort will have been put into the business too. It’s a first impression that really does count, and presentation is everything.

On average, a person will make up their minds to stay on a website or not, within 7 seconds of clicking onto it. If they do not like what they see, they will simply hit the back button and never return.

So branding and good website design are essential to a business. The branding helps to identify the business wherever its design and colors are seen, and the good website design helps generate an impression. It also creates an ability for the business to communicate to the viewer and build up trust and form a relationship with the customer, which could lead to repeat business.

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