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How To Hype Up Trade Show Displays With A Company Webinar

Marketing professionals know just how difficult it can be to increase visibility and bring in visitors to trade show displays. In years past, companies would try anything, such as mass emails, personal phone calls and even mailers to invite customers to visit their exhibits. These methods can have a few problems — they’re passive, time consuming, expensive and mostly ineffective!
However, smart companies are realizing that they can take advantage of technological advances to help attract attention before the event even begins! If you’re interested in learning how to use webinars or webcasts to boost attendance at your trade show displays, read on.

What Is A Webcast?

A webcast or webinar is a special presentation that’s done remotely — the presenter is in one office and the attendees are in their own. Sometimes, the organizers of a trade show or other marketing event will have what is called a “hybrid” event; that is, an in-person event with an online element, such as a webcast. However, if the event staff isn’t planning a hybrid event, you can arrange your own.

Webinars will give sales staff a chance to connect with both current and potential customers. When doing a webcast, there is no need to worry about another company swooping in and interrupting valuable time with your customers. Additionally, you’ll be able to capture real information about your customers that can help tailor your marketing message.

Planning A Webinar

Planning a webinar doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re not sure what you’re going to cover in your presentation, reach out to some top customers and ask them for advice. They’ll be able to tell you what concerns they have regarding the industry, which can help you come up with some solutions to present in a webinar. No matter what topic you choose, make sure that the information is useful for everyone who attends, especially if this is going to be a regular presentation. If the first one is a flop, no one will want to waste time on another.

It’s important to announce a webcast a few weeks before it’s scheduled. This can give attendees enough time to clear their schedules for the actual presentation. However, some will be unable to attend and a downloadable link afterwards can help ensure that everyone gets the information.

How A Webcast Can Enhance Trade Show Displays

When the webinar is over, invite the attendees to ask questions, whether through a video chat or by emailing them in. These questions can then be used to help tailor the presentation at your trade show displays. Capturing this type of customer intelligence is invaluable and is a major reason why companies do these webcasts in the first place.

Additionally, if you do it correctly, a webinar will hype up trade show displays and encourage visitors to stop by. Consider creating a special piece of content that’s solely for attendees who were at the webinar to give them incentive to visit with the sales staff.

If you’re not sure if a webinar is right for your company, there’s no reason not to try one. They’re inexpensive, but can provide companies with a number of benefits, especially when they’re used to enhance your appearance with your trade show displays.

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