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How To Ensure Your Custom Trade Show Design Maximizes Event Impact

Deciding to invest in a custom trade show design can prove an important first step in any organization’s marketing mix. Participating in trade show displays has long been a favored promotional method for companies in any industry looking to boost public visibility and meet and mingle with the throngs of attendees at various industry events. When it comes to face to face interaction coupled with extensive opportunities to showcase products and services, it’s tough to compete with working the marketing convention circuit.

Booths For Trade Shows Offer Potentially Unlimited Return On Investment

Sure, when executed properly, expo booths and displays can deliver an unparalleled return on investment. But, how exactly does a business execute properly at every convention? The answer most often lies in the final layout of the custom trade show design that a company employs at the event. If your business is considering layouts on booths for trade shows, it’s imperative to understand a few critical facts that can help ensure that your stands maximize event impact at each and every function.

Custom Trade Show Design: Answer All The Important Questions

It’s important to keep in mind that your displays are quite often the first, and often only, impression your company will make on prospective customers attending each convention. Always use your custom design to help your business quickly convey some of the most critical facts that make your company unique. Use the layout to help visually answer questions like:

Who?: Customers meandering through the event should always be able to determine whose company displays they are looking it instantly. Always have the business name prominently displayed to catch their eye as soon as possible.

Where?: Yes, a stand should always have literature within it that gives specific company location, address, etc. However, your booth can even take it a step further – include your social media contact information on the stand itself as well. Being able to find your business on Facebook, Twitter and the like will strengthen your interpersonal connection with your targeted demographic and expand your online presence as well.

What?: Your custom design should also inform attendees on exactly what it is your business does and/or offers. Specifically, what is it about your company that makes it unique. Use your stand to showcase your product line and even use it to support product demonstrations (which will help take care of the ever-important “How?” as well!) to get the crowd buzzing about your biggest differentiators.

Why?: This is where the well-trained staff manning your booths and stands come into play. Once your business’ visually engaging custom trade show design attracts their attention, your team has to be ready to take the proverbial ball and run with it. Have them all prepared to interact with every guest that stops into your business booth to get a closer look at what your company offers. Beyond being able to flawlessly discuss what it is your company does, they should absolutely be prepared to discuss why customers should opt for a partnership with your organization.

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