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How To Ensure Employees Have A Positive Experience With Your Trade Show Display

If you’re like most companies, you probably focus quite a bit of energy on creating a great experience for your attendees when you take a trade show display to an event. However, you shouldn’t just focus on their experience — don’t forget about your employees! Your employees can make or break your trade show display and companies that do whatever they can to ensure a positive experience will find themselves with happier customers. If you’re not sure what changes to make to your events, here are a few tips to get you started.

Don’t Forget To Schedule Breaks For Employees Working Your Trade Show Display

It’s hard to stand on your feet for hours and hours, talking to strangers about all the positive aspects of your company, especially if you’re used to sitting behind a desk all day. To help keep your team members’ backs, legs and feet from aching all day long, make sure that you’ve brought in enough help so that everyone can get a break at least every few hours. Try to find a place for them to sit down, such as an empty conference room. If you can’t find a great place for them to rest, a few chairs in an out of the way location can help.

Create An Incentive Contest For Employees At Your Trade Show Display

Next, create an incentive for employees to do well at your trade show display. Come up with a list of prizes and categories, such as ‘Most Leads Captured,’ ‘Highest Sales Volume’ and ‘Most Profitable New Client.’ Some of these contests may take a few months to fully determine the winner, so make it fun by including a leader board in your office. When employees can track their progress, they’ll be more likely to get into the friendly competition. Additionally, knowing that they’re eligible for some great prizes can help them stay focused at the event, even when they’re tired.

Make Sure The Management Team Is Involved

If you’re a member of the management team, make sure that you’re fully involved with your company’s efforts. Too many managers simply use their power to delegate tasks that no one wants to do, but this can create feelings of resentment. Instead, make sure that you demonstrate to your staff that you’re willing to do some of the unpleasant work too. This shows your staff that you consider yourself a team member and that you’re not above anyone else. This can help ensure that your company has a more positive experience at the event.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your company’s trade show display, one of the easiest things you can do is show your employees that it’s okay to have fun and that you value their contributions. These three ideas are great, but they’re only a small part of what you can do. Before you attend your next event, gather your team together and have them all come up with some easy-to-implement ideas to make the experience a fun one.

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