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How To Dominate Local Search

The Internet makes it possible for you to reach people all over the world. However, as a small business in the Lehigh Valley, you may be more concerned with connecting with your local community. A local business offers customers convenience as well as the opportunity to contribute to their local economy.

One way in which small business can help ensure that local consumers are finding their business is by working to dominate local Lehigh Valley SEO, or search engine optimization. As a small business owner with limited knowledge in this field, it would benefit you to hire a web design agency that specializes in SEO. A web design agency will share with you a variety of tactics to improve your Lehigh Valley SEO and help you rule the search engine results pages.

The content of your website can definitely help you optimize your website for local searches. Your web design agency can advise you on content. This may include targeting long-tail (longer and more specific) keywords, complementing other local businesses or highlighting local news. By adding content such as this, you will increase your chances of appearing in search about the local area, improving your local Lehigh Valley SEO.

When choosing long-tail keywords, consider all the ways in which consumers may search for your geographic area. Your web design agency can help you by completing keyword research. To help improve your local Lehigh Valley SEO, small businesses in the area may want to add terms like Eastern Pennsylvania or Greater Allentown Area to the keywords they normally optimize for as part of their Lehigh Valley SEO strategy.

An additional tactic that will help is to clearly tell potential customers where you are located. Within your Lehigh Valley web design, your web design agency should include a page that lists all of your contact information most importantly, your address.

While making changes to your Lehigh Valley web design is one means of optimizing for local search, there are also tactics off of your site that will help. Your web design agency may suggest that you register your business with Google+ Local. Additionally, you can add yourself to other listings, including local online directories such as Yelp or Yahoo! Local. As your web design agency will explain, the more sites that you are listed on, the more opportunities you have to get found and improve your local Lehigh Valley SEO.

Small business in the Lehigh Valley may think they dont have the power to compete with the SEO strategies of national chains. But they do! With the help of a web design agency, small business owners can make changes to their Lehigh Valley web design as well as off their website, all in an effort to improve their SEO in the Lehigh Valley and be found by locals.

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