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How to Design the Most Effective Banner Stands

How to Design the Most Effective Banner Stands

It is essential for businesses to learn how to design a banner stand display properly. By tailoring the banner stand to the target group, it will serve to captivate a greater amount of audiences. Trade shows banners in Vancouver have proven to be effective.

Every tradeshow exhibitor knows that the success of a tradeshow depends on the quality of the display. One aspect of a trade show displays that is effective at drawing in visitors is the banner stand. Banner stands permit an exhibitor to display their products in a professional and eye catching manner.

The following is a list of tips to designing an effective banner stand:

1. The banner stand must catch the visitor’s attention. Use a “catch phrase” that will draw in visitors. It should be short and large enough for people to quickly read. It should state something that will make the visitor want to learn more about the product or service.

2. The information and images should not be placed right at the bottom of the banner stand when they first glance at a banner. People tend not to look at the bottom of posters and banners. Many professional exhibitors suggest putting the website URL at the bottom as once the visitor is interested, he or she will read more. Make sure that all of the important information is placed at eye level. Remember to leave space around the edges. Spacing is usually just a few inches.

3. Do not put too much information on the banner. People will not stand there and read every word. It should be short and to the point. As well, it should be easy to read and not full of images. The banner stand is supposed to bring visitors to the display, not give them all of the product details.

4. Do not provide a variety of different messages on the stand. Put your most important message on the banner that will capture people’s attention. It has to be a statement that arouses curiosity. You can provide other key information in the form of an information pamphlet.

5. Graphics should be professional and high quality. It should relate to your product and be tasteful. Unprofessional designs will not attract visitors. If you cannot create a professional design yourself, you should hire a professional graphic designer. As well, the graphics should have a high resolution.

6. The use of color is important in a banner stand. You want the banner stand to stand out, but not in a tacky way. If you have a colored logo, the color of the stand should match it. It will help visitors remember your brand.

7. The picture you use should attract visitors. It should also be relevant to the product and company. It should be tasteful and pleasing to the eye.

A banner stand is an important element of creating a great tradeshow display. The key to a creating a memorable and positive banner stand is producing an appropriate and professional message, graphics, picture, positioning, colors, and catchy slogan. You want your banner to stand apart from the other displays so that you will attract visitors walking by your display. The memory of the banner should stay with a visitor long after they have left the tradeshow.

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