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How To Choose The Right Retractable Banner Stands For Your Business

Banner stands are some of the most versatile types of trade show displays. However, even though they’re versatile, they’re not a one size fits all type of product. Before you spend your company’s money on one of these displays, learn about the different kinds, as well as when they’re useful.

Why Banner Stands?

One of the major reasons that businesses use these types of displays is because they’re incredibly versatile. They literally take just minutes to set up and can be packed up into a lightweight carrying case quickly. Additionally, they are inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Once the initial stand is purchased, it’s usually possible to simply buy new graphic panels whenever you want to update your marketing message of if your existing graphic has become damaged. However, some displays do not allow graphics to be changed so if this is important to you, make sure to check into your exhibit’s limitations before purchasing.

Where Can They Be Used?

These exhibits can be put almost anywhere. Many are meant to be used indoors, so if you’re planning on putting your display outside, make sure that you’re purchasing one that’s designed especially for outdoor use. These exhibits have an extremely small footprint, which means they’re ideal for small spaces and many businesses put them up as a permanent display in retail spaces, restaurant lobbies, banks and other places customers frequent.

Types Retractable Of Banner Stands

There are quite a few different types of banner stands, but a retractable stand is probably one of the most common and easiest to use. The retractable graphic panel simply unrolls from the bottom and attaches to a post that runs along the back of the graphics. If you expect to install and dismantle the display frequently, make sure to purchase one that’s designed to stand up to heavy usage so that it doesn’t break in the middle of an event.

Another retractable option is a double-sided exhibit. These exhibits have graphics on both sides, which maximizes a company’s impact and exposure. This type of stand is often much larger than others, which means it’s important to find one that’s lightweight. Look for a graphic panel that’s printed on both sides rather than one that uses two different panels. This will help make setup easier.

One last option utilizes shapes and layered graphic panels. This option will have a backdrop with a curved overlay, creating a three-dimensional look. Using layered panels is an inexpensive, but effective, way to design a one of a kind exhibit.

Do You Need More Than One?

Many businesses choose to purchase more than one display and for good reason. It’s possible to connect up to three of them together to create a backdrop for a table top display or other type of trade show exhibit. The inexpensive, customizable graphics also ensure that you can quickly switch a one-panel display into a three-panel exhibit. These exhibits can attach together in a straight line or a curved surface, which means that they’ll fit into a variety of exhibit spaces.

Choosing the right type of banner stands for your company doesn’t have to be a headache. Before you make your final decision, talk to a company that specializes in designing effective and easy-to-use displays. They’ll be able to help you make the right choice and will ensure that you have a custom display that helps your company get noticed.

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