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How To Budget When You’re Planning To Exhibit With Your Trade Show Stands

If you’re in charge of your company’s attendance at a marketing event or trade show, you know just how important it is to budget! Without a budget, you could easily overspend by thousands of dollars, angering your bosses and blowing through every extra penny your company has squirreled away. When you’re in the early stages of planning, use these budgeting tips to help ensure that you stay on the right path when you’re taking your trade show stands to an event.

Write Everything Down!

When you’re in the initial stages of planning for events, make sure that you’re planning for every possible expense and then write them all down so you don’t forget them. These expenses can include your trade show stands and exhibit space, travel costs for your staffers, shipping for your exhibit, printing for marketing materials or promotional brochures, giveaways and even per diem costs so your employees can eat when they’re out of town. When you have everything on paper, it can be more difficult to forget about an expense.

Start Planning For Your Trade Show Stands Early

Your trade show stands and the exhibit space will likely be the biggest expense you’ll encounter so it should be allotted the largest portion of your budget. Talk to the designer of your trade show stands about your budget so they can help you determine what elements you can include. If you do find that you need to scale back due to other unexpected expenses, they can help you make cuts without impacting your booth.

Cut Costs By Packing An Emergency Kit

One way unexpected costs can crop up is when something goes wrong! To prepare for common mishaps, such as missing marketing materials, damaged trade show stands or missing installation tools, pack an emergency kit. Your kit should include things like hook and loop tape, tools, a USB drive with copies of your marketing materials, a needle and thread and a multi-colored set of permanent markers. These can’t prevent an emergency from happening, but it can mean that you’re prepared to handle them yourself, which can save you expensive emergency services at the event.

Send Employees Home Early If The Event Is Slow

If the last day of your event is slow and it seems like most attendees have gone home, you have two options. You could pack up entirely and send everyone home or you can keep a skeleton crew there and send one or two employees home. Reducing your staff by two can save money on hotel and per diem costs, but it also ensures that you still have a presence at the event so you don’t miss out on meeting an important client.

Budgeting is vital if you’re preparing to take your trade show stands to an event. However, there’s more to budgeting than just your exhibit and exhibit space. Make sure that you remember all the smaller parts of your budget, such as travel and marketing expenses, and reduce your outlay by packing an emergency kit and by sending a few employees home early if the event’s traffic is slowing down. These aren’t the only things you should consider when budgeting, but they’re definitely a good start.

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