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How To Avoid Common Mistakes At Your Trade Show Display

Whether you’re a newbie to exhibiting or you’re a highly experienced marketer, it can be easy to make mistakes when you’re preparing to take your trade show display to an event. Before you make plans to attend, learn about some of the most common mistakes, as well as how you can easily avoid them. Knowing what mistakes to avoid can help ensure that your entire exhibiting experience is a more positive one, which is something nearly every exhibitor can appreciate.

Mistake! Hiring The Wrong Employees To Work Your Trade Show Display

Some employees will love to attend an event and talk to customers in front of your trade show display. Others will cringe at the thought and wish they could be anywhere but there. To make sure that you’re choosing the right people to attend, just ask them if they want to! Some employees may not feel confident enough in their sales techniques, while others may be extreme introverts who break out in a sweat at the thought of talking to people they don’t know every day. Don’t force anyone to attend if you can help it, but do implement an immediate training program to eventually bring everyone up to speed.

Mistake! Attending The Wrong Events

Another mistake is attending the wrong event. If you’re focusing your efforts on events that just aren’t well attended by people within your industry, you’re doing it wrong! Instead, make sure that the events you’re attending are well attended by others in your industry, so that you can be sure you’re connecting with the right type of customers. If a recent event didn’t have the end result that you hoped for, share your feedback with the organizer. This can ensure that they make changes for the next year’s event, and based on these changes, you can decide whether it’s worth attending again.

Mistake! Not Figuring Your Return On Investment

Another mistake is not calculating the return on investment for each event. It may take a few months to truly know what the ROI was, especially if you’re spending this time carefully working new sales leads that you gathered at your trade show display. However, whenever you do get the ROI calculated, determine whether you’ve spent your budget wisely. If not, consider changes next year!

Mistake! Using A Universal Marketing Message

Lastly, be careful to not use a single marketing message at each event you attend. Think of your events as jobs you’re applying for. Job experts recommend that you tailor your resume for each individual job and you would never expect success by using a single resume. Try to learn as much as possible about each event’s attendees and tailor your message to fit their needs.

If you’ve been making these mistakes with your trade show display, don’t worry! Now that you know what to watch out for, you can easily avoid them at future events. Bring your staff together for a brainstorming session and try to think of more mistakes that you might be making that are thwarting your marketing efforts.

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