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How NOT To Waste Money At A Trade Show

Budgets are some of the biggest considerations when companies take their trade show exhibit to an event, especially at a time when many companies are trying to cut back on unnecessary expenses. Whether you’re on a tight budget or you’re just looking to cut back a little, here are a few ways you can cut back without feeling the budget pinch.

Don’t Give Out Cheap Swag

Giveaways are standard fare at a trade show exhibit and they can be quite expensive. It may be tempting to buy the cheapest items that you can find, such as a ballpoint pen for under 10 cents, but have you ever attempted to write with a pen that cheap? When you spend the least amount of money possible on your trade show exhibit swag, it’s much more likely that your items will simply be thrown away before the event even ends.

While the cost may be slightly higher if you buy higher quality items, it’s worth it to have an item that people want to keep. After all, your promotional items won’t do you any good if they end up in the garbage can.

Give Away Swag At Your Trade Show Exhibit Thoughtfully

Many companies spend thousands of dollars on items and leave them on a table for attendees to pick up. However, putting out all of your giveaways at once will give people the opportunity to take more than one, even if they’re not at all interested in your company, your products or services. Instead, keep your promotional items tucked away and personally hand them to attendees. This will allow you to actually talk to each attendee and learn more about their business needs, which can lead to a greater number of sales leads for your sales staff.

Consider Driving Instead Of Flying If The Event Is Close

If the event is within a reasonable driving distance, consider having your staff drive instead of fly. If anyone on your staff has a larger car, such as a van, ask them if they’re willing to drive (make sure to reimburse them for mileage on their car though!). If no one has a van or your employees are uncomfortable with driving their personal vehicles, you can still save money by renting a van. The cost of one van rental, plus gas will likely be significantly cheaper than the cost of multiple plane tickets.

Have A Catered Meal For Staff

You’ll need to worry about feeding your staff too and this can be expensive. To save some money, have a catered meal. Many restaurants will be willing to create a set menu for your staff, while still giving employees a choice in meals. Make sure that there’s a chicken, beef and vegetarian option and include coffee, tea and soda in the price of the meal. Doing this at least once can save you quite a bit of money over the costs of individual meals.

Saving money with these easy steps can mean that you have more room in your budget to put towards your trade show exhibit and other expenses. By purchasing and giving out swag thoughtfully and cutting back on staff expenses, you’ll be able to help ensure a successful event, even while on a budget.

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