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How Do An Event Marketing Company And A Trade Show Display Company Differ?

If you’re new to the convention or trade show arena, you may be confused about the many different industry expo and event planning companies that pepper the Internet, and what they each have to offer. There are two specific kinds of companies that are popular with companies who utilize their products and services at various venues. One is the event marketing company; the other is a trade show display designer and manufacturer. Before you choose either one, be sure you understand what the differences are.

Seeing The Big Picture

Event marketing companies look at your company’s goals and budget as well as each venue you’ll be attending, planning an overall strategy. They can help organize and develop your venue needs for the entire year, not just one expo. Ideally, an event marketing company works closely with your own people to develop a total campaign as well as designing and producing your convention booth or banner stands. They will help you build pre-show buzz, schedule meetings with clients and much more, while a trade show booth supplier will design and manufacture your booth or display components without having to take the big picture into account.

Your Event Marketing Company Will Be A Presence At Each Venue

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to arrive at every venue early to set up your display, this is the ideal solution. They not only guide you through the process of designing an exceptional display, they will also send a team to do the setup and teardown at each venue. Their team of experts will also assist you in generating valuable leads through a variety of technologies such as iPad capture, surveys and social media. From task management to proper training of your staff, they will have your back. While a trade show booth manufacturer can assist with setting up and tearing down, it generally doesn’t offer the same range of additional services.

Proper Follow Through Ensures Ongoing Success For Your Business

While many trade show display companies will send someone to set up, tear down and ship your booth elements, they don’t have the resources for effective follow-through after the convention is over. An event marketing company, on the other hand, has the tools necessary for an effective post-expo outreach program in addition to managing your assets before, during and after your appearance at various venues. They can keep detailed records of workflow and provide project management so that your own employees don’t have to take time from their already busy schedules to evaluate the most recent ROI, and plan your next industry convention accordingly.

For outstanding trade show displays as well as seamless management of your assets and resources at every convention, conference or industry expo, an event marketing company should be your ally. They can take you from concept to customer contracts without breaking stride, freeing your own employees to do their own jobs more efficiently.

Chicago’s premier event planning company, TradeTec, helps businesses manage their events from pre-show planning to post-show follow up. If you’re looking for a full-service event marketing company in Chicago (, TradeTec is the answer. To learn more about their unique TouchPoint event management process, visit

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