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There are so many social media networking sites on the internet and new ones arriving every day that it is difficult to find them all. If you think that it is of the utmost importance to keep up with your social life, you should know that it is of equal importance to your professional life. Social media sites give anyone vying for a job in this tough employment market the opportunity to create a brand all their own.

The things about you that are found on the internet create for you a first impression before you meet a prospective employer. Therefore you want to be sure that your online brand reflects you as a professional. Your website, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and whatever other social media accounts you have must all portray the same individual.

Start fashioning your brand by making your own website. In today’s world, it is easy for anyone to have their own piece of the Internet, regardless of their profession. Create a website that tells who you are. Address your skills, accomplishments, even career goals. If you are a photographer, create image galleries to give people an idea of your work. Post links to places you’ve been published.

List companies you’ve worked for. If you’re a website designer, post links of the websites you’ve created. Post links to the companies you’ve worked for. For any profession, write your objective, where you plan to go with your career. Your website can be a manifestation of who you are. On your website, you can have links to your other social media accounts. Your website can be a sort of hub for all the other places online that people can find out about you, what you’ve done, and what you can do.

Create a professional Facebook account. Make it something you are comfortable with a potential employer viewing. Make sure your photographs are appropriate. In your profile picture, smile. It’s something so simple but also universal. Try to make sure your default picture is just of you. A prospective employer doesn’t need to see your friends or your pets.

You do not need to fill out the usual social sections like books read, music listened to or movies you like, etc. unless it is relevant to the job you are pursuing. When given the opportunity to tell about yourself, keep it to your line of work.

For Twitter accounts, it is easier for things to be less personal. For anything you write, you have a limited number of characters, keeping things a little shallower. Follow people that are pertinent to your skills, field, or professional interests. If you’re a writer, follow other writers, publishers, and news outlets. If you are a chef, follow other chefs, food blogs, and restaurants. Make it known that you really care about what you do or want to do. When you tweet, discuss topics that would intrigue others in your field. Give the people whose accounts you follow a reason to follow yours.

Above all, be sure your professional sites are purposeful and coherent. You want people who follow your links and see you on Facebook, Twitter and your own website to clearly understand that they are seeing the same person. Keep your image intact. You don’t want to confuse anybody as to who you are and what you do. People will lose interest if you portray yourself differently on different links and accounts. Know yourself and let others know you too. A simple Google search can find you everywhere on the net. Be sure that what it finds is exactly what you want it to.

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