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In the world of Internet marketing, one innovative concept has changed the way companies do Internet-based marketing – the Internet marketing directory. As we all know, the introduction of the Internet has opened up a whole world of possibilities, some of which have never been thought possible. Social networking is one example. Since the advent of social networking sites, people began to experience more interconnectedness and dynamicity. By combining conventional marketing theories, methods, and principles with the technological advances offered by social networking and the Internet in general, Internet marketing came into existence.

For Internet marketing companies who want to gain the maximum possible amount of exposure in cyberspace, getting listed in an Internet marketing directory is just one of the ways. Successful companies offering Internet marketing services usually adopt a multi-pronged approach to make Internet marketing promotion more effective. Here are some of the most common yet effective Internet marketing advertising strategies:

- It’s all in the back links. Back links serve to promote a company’s website through another website. Essentially, it is getting another similarly-themed website to promote one’s own. A number of backlinking techniques have been developed such as forum posting, blogging, social networking links, leaving comments on other websites, and link exchanges. Ideally, having a good number of relevant back links can improve a company’s standing on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search results.

- Reach out through an email marketing list. Companies offering Internet marketing services would benefit a lot from generating and maintaining a well-selected marketing list. Normally, companies would choose email recipients who are interested in the service being provided. The logic behind this is that like-minded individuals and companies would want to establish a connection with other entities which share the same interest or field.

- Expand the circle through social media. Harnessing the power of social media such as Facebook and Twitter can increase your base to a significant degree. By using various Internet marketing advertising techniques, a company can further extend its reach.

- Explore the potential of paid advertising. One of the most effective forms of online paid advertising would be an Internet marketing directory. By creating a convergence point for similar websites, Internet marketing (IM) companies can become part of an “online marketplace” of sorts. Most IM directories offer free and paid advertising. While some would opt for the free service, serious ones would actually avail of paid Internet marketing advertising and take advantage of the added features and functionalities.

LinkDir: Putting all IM companies together

LinkDir is a unique Internet marketing directory which targets IM companies and provides them a central online venue by offering Internet marketing promotion packages designed to fit any company requirement. LinkDir systematically categorizes and links different IM companies based on specialty or service offered. Examples of categories include web hosting services, web designers, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and advertising networks. LinkDir offers various listing packages such as Simple Listing, Basic Listing, Premium Listing, and Featured Listing. In addition, LinkDir also offers article submission services.

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