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Google SERPs Update – A Move In The Right Direction

Staying ahead of the game is an important factor in business and can, at the end of the day, have a significant effect on your turnover and profits. Moving with the times is as important as the products that you sell or the service that you offer, so knowing when and more importantly how to move forward can be crucial.

When a company like Google decides it is time for a change, you immediately know that it is time to sit up and take notice of what they have in mind. As a premier search engine, they are constantly striving to find ways to improve the online experience for their customers with their site.

For instance, the simple act of moving ads that were previously on the side of the results to a more prominent place below them is so simple, but could be very effective. The utilisation of every page – and every part of the page – is paramount to their success, as like every other business, they are customer orientated and need to stay switched on and focussed.

If you bear in mind the fact that most people using a search engine very rarely, if at all, go past the first search page, you can see where they are coming from. Therefore, the more relevant information that can be seen in one place, they greater enhancement of the viewer’s experience.

The ads that were placed on the side of the page were sometimes overlooked or simply ignored as people tend to view only what is directly in their eye line. If your company uses a PPC model, you will obviously want your website to be prominent and available to as many people as possible and you can’t get any more prominent than in their direct eye line.

The fact that everything is now in a nice flowing position should help potential customers to decide that they will use a certain website. People can be very indecisive and choosy, so anything that helps them to decide which site they will ultimately go for can only be good news.

It may seem a little pedantic, but if your PPC agency begins to produce better results because you followed the lead of a company the size of Google, you have made the right decision. There is nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain if this little design rearrangement comes off and your company has developed and took advantage of the changes.

Having a results page that is concise and well laid out can make the users’ visit all that more easier and the easier it is, the better your chances of getting more business are. The original page set out sometimes felt like trying to read two pages of an open book at the same time, having to flick from left to right when your eyes picked something up that looked interesting in the side ads.

Google have carried out tests and on average, the new placement performed better than the side ad in terms of click through rates. A company this size doesn’t do anything without a valid reason and if they have decided that this is the way forward, you have to respect the knowledge and expertise that they have which has enabled them to make this decision.

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