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A normal Twitter user would think that marketing and Twitter, with its 140-character limit, is the worst match there could be. But a marketing expert would disagree. He sees the restriction as an opportunity to be seized especially juxtaposing it with the more than half a billion users of the social networking site. These are users who are compelled to be updated on the goings-on of just about everything that their network of followers and those they follow are concerned with. Also, these are users who barely have the time to read long articles of write-ups and information, no matter how interesting and well-presented they are, which is probably what brought them to Twitter in the first place. Putting these facts together, the marketing expert will exclaim that there is no better platform for selling than Twitter.

But many business-minded people and entrepreneurs have already cracked this code and are way ahead of the newcomers. The question then is what to do to position the up-and-coming business owner to a competitive stature. The answer is as simple as to buy twitter followers, conveniently, there are such companies who sell these.

This innovation of buying followers may sound shady and against the policies of the social media sites but it thrives because it is legitimate, purposeful, and very effective. Many companies have opted to avail this service in order to focus on the sales of their product rather than waste time and effort in scouring the twitter-verse for followers, and not to mention to boost the sales as well.

Here’s how it works. The element to be exploited is intrigue. After the business-owner buy twitter followers, their own followers will see connection and will be intrigued about what services and products this specific business offers and how good these are that it got so many followers. The very least they will do is to check out the account or the website of the business and the best case scenario is that they’ll become customers and even follow you as well completing the cycle and repeating it over again.

But the work doesn’t stop there. Maintaining the account and keeping the curiosity and the interest of the followers through regular tweets about relevant matters are just as important. These matters may range from news, promotions, and other updates so that the account’s followers learn more about the business in general or about products or services in particular. This doesn’t only keep the followers tuned in to the account but it continuously enforces their loyalty to the business as consumers as well.

A word of caution though, when business owners buy twitter followers, they must make sure these are targeted individuals fitting specific profiles that would buy or use the products to maximize efficiency. Although it’s been argued that the huge number of followers, even if they are made-up and won’t re-tweet or favorite the account’s posts would attract organic followers, it’s better to start off with them in the first place.

People in sales, marketing and advertising will definitely jump in on this opportunity just because it is very affordable, very profitable, very effective, and most importantly it makes complete sense.

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