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Get Noticed! How Small Touches At Your Trade Show Stand Can Improve Your Company’s Brand Awareness

If you’re taking your trade show stand to an event, you’ve probably thought of all the big picture details. The graphics for your exhibit are probably already printed and ready to be installed and the travel arrangements are made. Once these big picture details are finalized, don’t sit back and relax. Take a look at these small touches to help further your company’s brand awareness. Although they may seem inconsequential, these small things can add up to a big difference in how attendees view your company.

Ensure Employees Working Your Trade Show Stand Are Easily Identifiable

Although it’s probably tempting to have all your employees dressed professionally in business suits, this won’t make them easily identifiable to attendees. Instead, have them wear dress slacks or khakis with a polo shirt that’s embroidered with your company’s logo. It might seem easier to order men’s shirts for everyone in your company, however take the extra step to order women’s shirts for your female employees. The proportions of these shirts will fit women better and a proper fit will certainly look more professional.

Make Sure That All Logos Are Consistent

Chances are good that your logo is all over your trade show stand. From promotional giveaways, to printed materials, take a few minutes to make sure that your logos are all consistent. Pay attention to the colors, and if you’ve recently updated the look of your logo, make sure that every piece uses the new version.

Don’t Forget A Custom Tablecloth

If you’re using a table as a part of your trade show stand, cover it with a custom tablecloth. A tablecloth will provide your table with a more professional look, but it also creates a hidden place where the employees at your trade show stand can stash important items like extra promotional giveaways or brochures. If it’s not in your budget to have a tablecloth imprinted with your company name, you can simply choose one that coordinates with the colors in your exhibit.

Give Out Branded Promotional Items

Trade show giveaways are expected in nearly every industry, but you need to think about what these giveaways say about your business. Will they help attendees remember your company? Or will they be tossed aside as soon as the event is over? The best giveaways will be relevant to your business, but also useful. If you sell cell phone accessories, consider branded giveaways such as a portable solar powered cell phone charger or a custom set of ear buds. Many businesses like to give away one larger item, such as an MP3 player or a tablet computer, as well as smaller items. If you’re planning on giving one of these away, have it engraved with your company name, phone number and email address. Having your information on this giveaway will ensure that the prizewinner never forgets where it came from.

These are just some of the ways companies can improve their brand awareness at a marketing event. Before you pack up your trade show stand and head to the event, make sure that you have a brainstorming session to see if you can come up with other ideas.

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