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Gathering Leads: 4 Top Tips On Making More Sales With Your Trade Show Display

If you’re not working to gather leads when you’re exhibiting with your trade show display, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Lead garnering and making sales are the top reasons companies exhibit with trade show booths, which means maximizing your sales opportunities can make the event pay for itself. To ensure that you’re doing everything you can to capture quality leads and close the sale, use these tips.

Tip #1: Ask Event Organizers For A List Of Registered Attendees

Chances are good that the organizers of your event will have a list of everyone who’s registered to attend. Although this is probably not a comprehensive list of everyone who will be there, it’s a great place to start. Ask if you can have a copy of this list (most event organizers will provide it when asked), and get to work researching the attendees. Take special notes regarding companies within your industry and learn everything you can about their business and their needs. Turning potential customers into paying customers will be easier if you’re educated about their business when they visit your trade show display.

Tip #2: Avoid Vague Questions

Once you’re greeting guests at your trade show exhibits, you need a plan. Avoid vague questions such as ‘How are you today?’ or ‘Are you having a good time?’ These questions, while nice, are completely worthless. You won’t learn anything about the customer that way. Instead, ask probing questions that get you real answers. Consider questions such as ‘What are you currently using to solve XYZ problem?’ or ‘What are you hoping to accomplish today?’ These questions will help open up a real conversation about your company and your products.

Tip #3: Make Notes On All Visitors To Your Trade Show Booths

Even your best employees won’t be able to remember every detail about visitors to your trade show booths. To help refresh their memories, encourage your employees to jot notes down regarding each customer they meet. This can be done on the back of the customer’s business card or directly on a lead card that they filled out.

Tip #4: Follow Up!

A recent study found that the majority of trade show display visitors were promised some sort of follow up activity, but never actually got it. There’s no better way to turn a potential customer away from your company than not following through with something that you promised. If you have hot leads, consider sending them to people who are still in your office so they can get the customer the information they requested. They’ll be impressed with your efficiency and attention, especially if they know that you’re still tending your trade show exhibits back at the event.

Making sales and meeting contacts are important aspects of any marketing event. However, it’s vital that you go about it the right way. Make sure to learn everything you can about visitors, ask excellent questions, take notes and don’t forget to follow up after the event.

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