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Fundraising Ideas That Everyone Can Use

Fundraising is an activity that various groups want to undertake for many reasons but quite often, the group members find it hard to come up with ideas that will generate funds without unduly taxing members with various fees. The usual fundraisers are dance benefits, bake sales, and raffle tickets but these have all been used too often and bigger fundraisers require a lot of time, effort and often need to be planned months in advance. If you and your club or organization are trying to come up with money for your projects, here are a few fundraising ideas you can try.

Dine-in Night: A hearty meal for 4 in a basket is made available for families who pay what it would cost to eat out at a regular restaurant. If several volunteers do the cooking, it would not be too difficult to prepare 15 baskets once a week for a whole month and come up with a thousand dollars.

Corporate matching: Most companies take their corporate social responsibility to heart these days and invest at least a portion of their income to helping the community. A good thing to watch out for is which companies have foundations and which of these have windows that make partnerships possible. For example, a huge retail chain provides grants to make the arts and cultural experiences accessible and affordable to children. The same foundation also makes grants for social services, for feeding programs and emergency assistance.

Loose change: Ask your local restaurants to accommodate a donation jar for spare change.

Scratch and help: There are fundraising scratch cards that you can use to make good profit. Friends pay to scratch and can win coupons for Pizza Hut, Jiffy Lube and other establishments.

Candles: Most people will have use for candles and special candles can be bought wholesale for fundraising.

Donations through text: You can contact a mobile phone server to collaborate with you on this fundraising campaign. Through this communication technology, a fixed amount is charged directly to the senders account and given as a donation to the organization. An important part of this type of campaign is never to neglect the thank you part.

Sales of shirts donated by corporations: Shirts are easy to donate for corporations, especially those that have direct access to manufacturers. These shirts will naturally have the company logo but you can add your own plus text if this is to be commemorative shirts.

Online magazine store: This is a fundraising idea that does not require a cash outlay. You can open an online magazine store and begin selling popular magazines from there. With a 15 per cent discount, it is quite possible to make a dent in your fundraising goals.

Pre-Sales fundraisers: Volunteers get brochures or catalogues and accept orders for items. Orders are placed and added up on an order form; goods are ordered and delivered to the focal person for distribution. The fundraising income is usually 10 to 15 per cent of gross sales.

Friendly restaurant night :Make arrangements with your neighborhood buffet restaurants to sell dinner for a specified evening and offering 10 to 15 per cent discount on meals. The discount can be considered a tax-deductible item for them and they will surely get a good number of customers from the fundraising crowd.

Karaoke night: Find a friendly pub or restaurant for karaoke night. Borrow or rent a machine then charge people an entrance fee and ask the restaurant to designate a good area for you. They wont be on the losing end in this deal since people will be ordering food.

There are many fundraising ideas that can earn good money without the effort and fuss that it would take to hold a gala event.

Varadharaja Perumal is the Author for this Article. He is an Entrepreneur, Author and social activist.
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