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As the Greater Lehigh Valley area continues its economic growth, competition between area businesses is at an all time high. A good integrated marketing campaign created by a reputable Lehigh Valley advertising agency can help your business connect with your target audience and meet your conversion goals.

Integrated marketing simply refers to spreading your branded Lehigh Valley advertising across multiple media platforms (traditional advertising, web-based advertising, email marketing, social media, etc.). When done strategically with the help of a local advertising agency, integrated marketing presents your brand message consistently in all of your communications.

The most important thing you can do to ensure your integrated Lehigh Valley advertising campaign is a success is to know your target audience. This information will help you and your advertising agency partner craft the appropriate message content and direct it through the channels where it will have the most impact. If you want your integrated marketing to connect with your audience, then you must understand their needs and behaviors before developing your strategy.

To get the most out of your integrated marketing initiative, you should choose your Lehigh Valley advertising channels with care. Not every business needs to have a Twitter account or record a radio commercial. The choice of channels goes back to the idea of knowing your audience. Work with your advertising agency to produce and distribute your message to your audience members through the channels where they are most likely to receive them. Do not focus on the number of channels you are using, but instead on how effective they are.

Developing great integrated marketing content is a big task, but with your input a full service advertising agency can handle the job for you. The most important thing your advertising agency can do for you is ensure that all of your advertising is clearly associated with your brand identity. In addition to cohesive branding, your Lehigh Valley advertising should be clear and consistent across channels and messaging should all serve to drive traffic to the same end target.

Finally, do not forget to track the conversion and engagement rates of your campaigns with Lehigh Valley SEO analytics. An advertising agency with a digital Lehigh Valley SEO component can optimize your content for search engines and then monitor its performance to gauge success and continue making improvements. Contact a full service Lehigh Valley advertising agency about how integrated marketing can help you today!

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