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Four Things You Didn’t Know About Inflatable Booths For Trade Shows

Although some people think of gimmicks such as sky dancers when they hear “inflatable,” the latest generation of air-filled booths includes designs that are stylish, professional and easy to assemble on the trade show floor. Even some of the most experienced trade show professionals, however, aren’t familiar with these durable exhibits. It would be unfortunate for any company to dismiss these as a gimmick before taking a serious look at them. There are at least four surprising things you’ll discover when you talk to a sales rep about exhibits that are inflated instead of assembled.

1. These Aren’t Sky Dancers Or Giant Bears

In the past, displays that could be inflated were used primarily to quickly capture the attention of passers-by and weren’t particularly attractive or durable. The new line of inflatable booths, however, are made of higher grade materials that resemble the same durable fabrics used for more traditional trade show elements such as pop-ups. The fabric is thicker, stronger and has an elegant finish. The graphics used are vibrant, fade-resistant and professional grade. You won’t see obvious seams like you do on less expensive “shock value” items such as the giant animals sometimes used by car dealerships.

2. There Is A Tremendous Variety Of Shapes And Sizes

The company that introduced inflating tradeshow elements didn’t launch their products until they had developed a complete line-up of shapes and sizes. They weren’t interested in a timid launch with just a few simple designs; after all, no two venues and no two companies are alike when it comes to their exhibit needs. You can order 46 different shapes ranging from 4.8 meter tower displays to small, table top designs. You can even install a full conference room at your next event!

3. Inflatable Booths Are Universally Adaptable

There has to be a way to get the air into these beautiful, lightweight exhibits, doesn’t there? Don’t worry – you won’t be huffing and puffing the first day on the floor. Each element is inflated using an included air pump that can be powered by either a rechargeable battery or available electricity. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Munich or Minnesota, because the electrical plug is fully adaptable for compatibility with any electrical system. The rechargeable battery also means you can take your exhibit to lots of unusual locations where other displays simply wouldn’t work. Want to set up a temporary space on the boardwalk or in a field? No problem!

4. The Fabric Can Be Easily Changed

Although inflatable booths may be the descendants of earlier marketing balloons and sky dancers, they are much more versatile. Tired of the graphics you used last year? You don’t have to invest in a completely new set-up. Just remove the current fabric that covers the interior air bladders and replace it with something new and different. It’s a great way to keep things fresh while saving money you might otherwise have spent on a whole new system.

With their many features, low cost and ease of use, inflatable booths will be popping up at more trade show events every year. If your company wants to invest in displays that are adaptable and innovative, these versatile, blow-up displays are a good bet.

Skyline WindScape ( developed the first complete line of inflatable booths for trade shows. They are easy to inflate, deflate and ship, and are backed by Skyline’s impressive service and support. Interested in making the move to inflatable booths? Visit to see the many shapes and sizes available.

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