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Five Ways Your Tradeshow Display May Be Failing Your Business

Working the trade show convention arena has long established itself as a formidable promotional powerhouse that has the clout needed to help transform even the most recent startup into a recognizable industry leader. Offering ample opportunity to meet and mingle with prospective clients, size up the competition, and even the chance to network with affiliate vendors and partners, marketing conventions truly offer unparalleled and invaluable face-to-face encounters that other advertising resources simply can’t compete with.

While the benefits yielded by marketing convention participation are unquestionable, it’s important to note that, in order to most effectively garner optimal results and overall return on investment, it’s critical to carefully strategize one crucial convention factor: the tradeshow display. All too often, business owners show up at a specific venue with what they feel are adequate booths, only to find their company relegated to being a background, periphery presenter rather than a main event attraction. Sound like your current convention performance? It may be time to reevaluate the existing layout of your tradeshow display to see if there are significant gaps in your message or even crowd deterrents built into your exhibit.

Revamp Your Tradeshow Display — Recognize Possible Flaws

When considering the existing design of your tradeshow display, look for the following five ways that your exhibit may be failing your business at live events. Does your current exhibit:

Highlight too much marketing information: Yes, getting the word out about the many innovative products and services your organization offers is important — but does your current exhibit overdo it with the visuals? Having an overwhelming amount of marketing data can quickly deter roaming visitors from taking a closer look at what your organization has to offer.

Not showcase enough marketing information: Likewise, not displaying enough promotional material is a surefire way to make your business look like a newbie organization that doesn’t warrant the same attention that some of your industry’s bigger players deserve.

Look unorganized: Even if you have managed to perfectly balance the amount of promotional material you’ve chosen to distribute, it’s imperative to have it showcased in a neat, organized manner to quickly catch the eye of passersby and compel them to step into your booths.

Consistently display your business brand: One of the biggest perks that participating in marketing conventions offers is helping company owners propel their business brand forward. Your tradeshow display should support this objective by consistently displaying your current brand message, logo and even specific palette of colors to make it as memorable as possible to anyone walking by your exhibits.

Seem dated: A modern tradeshow display touts an extensive range of innovative designs and technologies to help it stand out in even the biggest convention crowds. When was the last time you worked with a professional design team to tweak and modify your existing designs to ensure they don’t look dated? If you’re not quite sure of the answer, you have your answer — partnering with a reputable provider for even a few minimal tweaks will help your business effectively garner the convention attention it deserves and hold its own amongst the competition at the event.

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