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Five Recommendations For Buying The Most Useful Trade Show Promo Products

Trade show giveaways go hand-in-hand with retail and business to business exhibitions. Nearly everybody who has attended these kinds of functions has received some type of corporate swag. Regrettably, much of it ends up in the trash or hidden away in desk drawers.

In most cases, promotional giveaways are low-cost items that include business logos and contact information. Goods are handed out to encourage trade show attendees to visit booths and converse with sales representatives.

Needless to say, certain types of promotional products are more effective than others. The following recommendations can help business owners pick items that will bring value to their marketing campaigns instead of tossing away dollars.

1. Having company logos imprinted on pens and keychains is a simple way of promoting your enterprise, but it’s not the most effective way to let others learn about your brand.

Think about the most important aspects of your enterprise. What do you want individuals to find out about your business? Why should they participate business with you?

If your organization is focused on having a good time, give away games or toys. If your enterprise promotes inner peace and well-being, give away aromatherapy goods or stress relief balls.

There are plenty of promo products that can be connected with your firm’s mission statement. Don’t make the error of passing out trade show giveaways that aren’t associated with your brand.

2. It is important to take into account the wants and needs of your customers. Like all other promo goods, trade show giveaways are a gift that introduces your brand to others. Items don’t need to be elaborate or pricey, but ought to be attractive and useful to the individuals you want to impress.

Chances are you know quite a bit about your demographic market. Are they primarily male or female? Are they generally younger or older adults? Do they tend to be married or single? Do they have young children or pets? Answering these types of questions can help you find suitable gifts that complement their interests.

Trade show attendees seldom pass up freebie merchandise, but will they keep yours? Make time to ponder the sort of goods your clients can use for extended periods of time.

The more time that trade show gifts can be used, the more brand recognition can be achieved. Popular giveaway goods include reusable tote bags, imprinted drinkware, and custom USB flash drives.

3. It is not uncommon for business owners to spend a bundle of money to participate in trade show events. Expenditures include booth space, tables, product displays, banners, employee wages, and travel expenses.

Even though it is sometimes tempting to buy cheap promo merchandise, this is seldom a good marketing method. In fact, cheap merchandise can leave a negative impression and harm your reputation. Worse yet, gifts are likely to be thrown away. It is smarter to invest in quality items and hand them out to fewer people than to invest in a lot of useless items no one wants.

4. Spark conversation about your company. Trade show guests tend to check out booths in groups. Afterward they discuss their experience with others either while walking through the trade show or after the event is closed.

A great way to get guests to speak favorably about your company is to provide them with products that are distinct, fun, or outrageous. Toss custom soccer balls into the audience or develop a one of a kind USB swing drive that no one else has.

Design unique screen printed cotton tees that have humorous quotes or create an entire line of branded corporate clothing. When attendees value trade show gifts they will talk about your enterprise to others and engage in advertising on your behalf.

5. Include contact information and heavily brand items with logos and marketing messages. The main goal of handing out promotional gifts at trade shows is to fortify your brand and get your company in front of as many people as possible. Obviously, you want individuals to know how to reach you after the trade show.

In order to increase the return on investment, it is imperative to buy merchandise that people will hold onto after the trade show. Always be sure your business name, telephone number, email, and website address is branded on giveaway gifts. Doing so makes it effortless for people to reach you when they are ready to buy something.

There is an abundance of trade show giveaways that are low-cost, useful, and original. Using the services of a promotional product company will allow you to decide which items provide the most value for your money and produce positive goodwill for your organization.

If you’re bewildered about which kind of trade show giveaway merchandise to purchase visit Gorilla Marketing at With nearly 30 years experience, we can help you design stylish corporate swag that individuals will appreciate and value. Get started today at

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