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Figuring Out How To Evaluate Your Search Engine Optimization Rivals

Do you feel like you are not getting the benefits you deserve from your SEO despite the efforts you have put in getting the best out of the search engines? Then there is something that you are not doing right and it is costing you a lot.

One of the problems could be that you have very high competition and your SEO is falling short. As much as you have curved out your niche, it is of utmost importance that you keep up with the competition in order not to be left behind. To be able to stay on top of the market, you need to analyze your SEO competition and to do this successfully; here are some steps to follow:

Find out who your SEO competitors are

You cannot fight a war without knowing who you are fighting with. Finding your competitors is the first step on planning how to win this battle. It is very easy to find out who you are competing with if you have an offline business because it is just a matter of checking out their sites and you are done.

However, this is not always the case because there could be hundreds of rivals with the same keyword with yours, some in your niche, others in your rank and the list is endless. All these could be considered as your competition.

Analyze your competitor’s keyword

Keywords determine the success of the SEO. If a competitor is using the right keyword their ranking will definitely go high.

What your competitor is using as the keyword might not fit well for what you think your niche is but you might consider improving your keyword from the ideas that you get from your competitor’s site. You can also use the website keyword suggestion guide to help you come up with a keyword that will compete positively.

Check the back links

Back links are very critical to a successful SEO ranking. It is an added advantage if you have back links that your clients can refer to, to get more information about you. You can find out which back links your competitors are using and if they are using well-known sites you didn’t know about, you could make arrangements to have back links from them.

Evaluate the competitor’s use of social media

Though not an easy task, you cannot afford not to check how the competition is doing on the social front. Social media is known to drive huge traffic to a site and this is an added advantage to anyone who is using the media for the success of their SEO ranking.

Social book marking, facebook and twitter are the sites that you could use to drive traffic to your site by posting messages that will make everyone want to check out your webpage like in the case of your competition.

Observing and analyzing your competition is a never ending process and one that cannot be avoided if one is to have the best of SEO. Even if it is not easy to beat the competition, it is advantageous because you could learn one or two things that could get you top on the SEO rankings.

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