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Facebook Likes Are Good For Sales

The potential of Facebook for marketing is unquestioned and unparalleled. With almost a billion active users, it has become the platform for advertising. Not only that, this forum is very affordable compared to traditional advertising. Also, it is able to cater to small to giant businesses alike. But with everyone on Facebook, how can up-and-coming companies and entrepreneurs fare in this supposed level playing field? And how can they increase their profit?

The current trend is to buy facebook likes. With all the alternative and options consumers are presented with in the very competitive market on Facebook, users gauge companies and brands through the number of “Likes” they acquire. These “Likes” may or may not come from clients or actual consumers but these affect the perception of potential buyers nonetheless. They suggest that such feedback is a confirmation of good business dealings or track record. The greater the number the better the products or services must be and this become a big factor in deciding between brands or services.

The other reason to buy facebook likes is rooted in the very nature of Facebook – it is viral. Every “Like” a company gets provides a guarantee of free advertising to the users’ personal cloud of friends which could generate another set of customers and so on. This mode is considered more effective in that it conveys a personal brand of approval from relatable people over the feeling of imposition one gets from the traditional way of advertising. It is also very efficient because money is not wasted on people who are just not interested in purchasing.

Users who “Like” pages also invariably drive traffic to the company’s official website and related industries, they engage in correspondence and testimonials through the comments section, and ultimately improve and spawn brand awareness. It is therefore not surprising that there is a shift from mainstream advertising and marketing to social media marketing.

These reasons go hand in hand to reach the end-goal that is profit. However, to be effective there are some considerations to think about specifically on hiring companies selling these “Likes”. These companies usually delegate to freelance sellers and ensure that they follow rules and regulations for the quality of the sales. Consequently, the company must be able to guarantee that the “Likes” come from real people and not made-up accounts created for the sole purpose of generating the numbers. Also, these people must be sincerely interested in the company’s services or products. The company must also assure the trustworthiness of the freelance sellers and be able to hold accountability all throughout the process. The transactions must be secure and the whole process must follow tested guidelines.

Facebook likes is a means to measure the success of a company’s social media marketing campaign and at the same time is in itself a marketing device. This innovative and creative function has made Facebook the leading forum in advertising. To this end, entrepreneurs and business owners are drawn to buy facebook likes and invest and capitalize in it.

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