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Event Ticket Wristbands-Souvenir Or Long Term Promotional Tool?

One of the great things about travelling is enjoying local festivals and concerts in the area. People might attend these events for a few hours, or they could go on for days. And if you are hosting one of these events, there’s a very good marketing opportunity for your event through personalized wristbands.

When you think of personalized festival wristbands, advertising may not be the first thought that comes to mind. Mostly, these wristbands serve a practical purpose. You want to be able to verify that people who are attending your festival have paid the price of admission. You want to assure the people who are consuming alcohol are able to do so legally. Things like that. Personalized wristbands can help keep you and your festival from getting in trouble or robbed. Both of these effects are very desirable, especially if you hold your event every year.

But when your event is a regular event, there is another opportunity as well. Promotional marketing. You might be looking at your simple wristband are be wondering, “This little thing? An ad?” The answer is yes. Essentially anything that has a surface on it that allows printed words and graphics has the potential to create future sales. And when those items are sturdy and capable of multiple uses, such as fabric festival wristbands, the potential is even greater.

The simple fact of the matter is that people like to keep stuff, especially when they have travelled a great distance to get it. It also makes people feel special to get something sturdy and wearable without paying a fortune. They also like to quietly brag when they have attended an event that was special to them. The experience creates a multitude of memories, and keeping and showing off their fabric festival wristbands is an easy way to bring a memento of the occasion home.

Wristbands can be easily customized with any message you desire. For recurring festivals, most of the information that will be included on the wristband is going to be the same year after year, so someone who sees a wristband can easily look up more information on the Internet and make their own plans to attend. Often festival hosts can even get a corporate sponsor who will help pay for the cost of the wristbands in exchange for the privilege of adding their own logo to the wrist band.

Of course, those on a more restricted budget can order personalized wristbands made from less expensive materials, such as plastic or Tyvek, but even when these are kept they are less likely to be worn or shown to others that may be interested your festival. And giving festival goers something sturdy and worth keeping is the least you can do to thank them for their business. And if you get a little extra advertising, it’s a win-win for everyone.

David Taylor is the owner of Global Promotional Solutions (, a dynamic, innovative and customer focused organisation. We specialise in design, import and distribution of quality business, incentive & promotional gifts.

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