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Event Marketing: Are You Missing Critical Exhibition Opportunities?

When it comes to an event marketing strategy, many businesses find themselves stuck in an exhibition rut. Rather than consistently sourcing new event marketing forums to participate in, many executives simply rely on the same routine functions that they attend each and every year. While having a consistent presence at various annual conventions does have its merit, it’s important to remember that it’s also critical for companies to continuously find new ways to broaden their brand reach and engage with prospective clientele at different gatherings. In short, without consistently sourcing new opportunities and venues for event marketing prospects, you could be leaving money at a table where your competition has already reserved a seat.

Identifying Major Event Marketing Opportunities For Your Organization

Ready to spread your company’s event marketing wings and strategize new ways to bring your services and wares to market in a face-to-face setting? A great place to start is by identifying some of the forums that deliver the best promotional return on investment. When beginning your research, always consider working the following mediums:

Tradeshow functions: Tradeshows can either cater to a specific industry or can showcase organizations operating in a certain area/region. Not only do these types of conventions offer ample interpersonal encounters with prospective clients, but they also allow for business-to-business networking, lead generation and the chance to size up the competition.

Live product demonstration: Have a new product or an entire line of merchandise that you’d like to generate buzz about? A live product demonstration can yield a multitude of in-person benefits such as seeing customers use the item, and analyzing their overall experience with it, and this may even offer your team an opportunity to solicit real time feedback from users about what works and what they believe needs tweaking.

Business grand opening: Event marketing surrounding a new business opening is a great way for business owners to make a memorable first impression in their new neighborhood. Whether you’re first opening your doors, or extending your existing presence to a new branch location, having an official grand opening can instantly help your business build its following and broaden its promotional reach.

Service seminars and workshops: Offering live seminars and workshops is an ideal way to encourage guests to check out your exhibition as well as provide a useful service to your targeted demographic. Think about what information and lessons your clients would find most useful and create the promotional opportunity from there. From leveraging your IT helpdesk business to run a computer course for beginners, to using your accounting services to help small business owners learn more about their tax exemptions, the opportunity for you to engage and educate your clientele is virtually endless.

Working With A Professional Firm

Still stumped on the best ways to leverage face to face encounters with your targeted demographic? Partner with a professional firm that specializes in event marketing. A seasoned team of experts will have the skills and experience you’ll need to create a cohesive plan of action as well as manage the minutia to ensure you have the best results-driven experience with your campaign possible.

TradeTec, an innovative Chicago event marketing ( firm helps clients create comprehensive encounter marketing campaigns that extend far beyond the trade show forum. Want to hear more about TradeTec’s distinctive and customized approach to live promotional events? Visit today!

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