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Encounter Marketing Takes A Three Pronged Approach To Maximizing Trade Show ROI

Encounter marketing is a catch-phrase used by some these days to indicate any kind of advertising or promotion that focuses on actual interactions between a business and its customers or clients, but that’s an oversimplification of a complex, multi-pronged approach to successfully branding a business and enhancing interaction with customers and leads. Actual encounter marketing utilizes a variety of contact methods to give customers and leads a multi-layered, interactive experience that takes place over time as well as through multiple forms of media. By maximizing a range of interactions, a savvy approach can ensure a much higher return on investment revolving around a central event and offshoot interactions.

Encounter Marketing Takes Place Over Time Using Various Outlets

While a trade show, conference or convention is an excellent tool, it only takes place during a small window of opportunity — usually anywhere from three days to a week. Before and after, the possibility of interaction with leads and/or customers drops to virtually nothing. Enter encounter marketing, which uses both pre- and post-show contact and interaction strategies to broaden the experience of the central show or conference for both companies and their clients.

The signature elements of this strategy include:
1. Multiple pre-show interactions
2. Multiple post-show interactions
3. Maximized response potential from leads and customers
4. The use of a variety of mediums to ensure response and brand recognition

Trade Show Exhibits Are Just The Beginning

Successful encounter marketing expands dramatically on the central event using prior contacts that require or encourage response from a company’s targeted demographic, a variety of strategies for maximizing connections at the event and post-show follow-ups that encourage continued interaction while analyzing results in order to improve future lead strategies.

Taking Advantage Of Layers

Pre-show interaction may take advantage of several different media opportunities, including traditional mailers, online postings and e-mail to generate interest in a particular trade show, conference or convention. Multiple contact methods increase brand awareness and keep a company and its upcoming participation at a particular venue fresh in the minds of potential leads. During the show, the impact of a successful trade show exhibit can be dramatically increased through lead notification via text messages and RSS feeds.

Demonstrations, at-show appointments and print media distributed on-site can also be effective elements of this multi-pronged approach to brand awareness. After the show is over, follow-up e-mails, post cards, telephone calls and surveys will keep businesses fresh in the minds of leads. Analysis of results over time completes the cycle by allowing companies to learn from the successes and failures experienced over time.

If your company is searching for a better approach to maximizing success, then broadening the customer base of each show or conference via encounter marketing is an excellent approach that can yield tremendous results. Over time, ongoing analysis and improvements to the pre-show, event and post-show cycle will guarantee improved results, more and better interaction with leads, and heightened brand awareness.

TradeTec Chicago utilizes their proprietary lead generation and marketing enhancement system to maximize the effect of their clients’ encounter marketing initiatives. To learn more about their services and how they can improve your business’ event results, visit

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