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Empower Your Team: Three Critical Errors To Avoid While Manning

Businesses looking for a way to strategically broaden brand awareness and extend their promotional reach have long relied on marketing conventions as a valid advertorial resource. Companies with virtually any set of offerings can simply set up a trade show booth and banner stand at a single event and connect personally with an extensive congregation of guests that are usually already somewhat interested in vendors’ offerings. With such a heavy return on investment and ample opportunities for in-person client connection, setting up trade show displays is tough to beat for overall return on marketing investment.

Event Success Is Not Contingent Upon Trade Show Displays Alone

Despite the hardy ROI delivered from trade show displays, it’s important to remember that simply setting up a customized trade show booth and banner stand is not all that’s required to ensure success at the next function. While the trade show displays a business uses do play an important role in potential client perception, it’s not the only factor to consider when establishing their ever-critical business reputation during the convention. In most cases, the exhibits used by an organization are only as effective as the company’s staff that’s manning them.

Preparing Your Team To Guarantee Event Success

While many organizations spend countless hours training and preparing staff members on what to do during a marketing function, it’s just as critical to equip them with the always important “do not’s.” Arming your team with the following four critical trade show booth misfires can help empower your business’ employees to best represent your organization while gathering leads and networking.

Don’t overdress: While neat and clean attire is always important during the function, it’s imperative to not overdo it. If your team wears formal attire it can actually feel off-putting to the crowd and may prevent them from stopping into your exhibit. Additionally, wearing uncomfortable clothing for long periods of time can really take its toll on your team. Opt instead for shirts with logos, khakis and, above all else, comfortable shoes.

Don’t trash talk: Sure, it may feel tempting to make a few passive-aggressive negative comments about the competition milling about throughout the marketing function, especially if they take the first verbal cheap shot. However, speaking disparagingly about other vendors exhibiting at the convention really does little to increase the crowd’s esteem for your organization. While it’s perfectly okay to pitch your product and services and articulate what makes your business fabulous, always keep the comments clean.

Don’t avoid answering questions directly: Throughout the marketing event, your team may feel like they are literally being peppered with questions. While careful pre-show preparation is imperative to overall success, even a function pro can get stumped. Rather than stalling or, worse yet, providing inaccurate information, teach your team to simply respond with an, “I’m not sure, but I can certainly find out with you.” Visitors will appreciate the honesty and it will give your team an opportunity to gather their contact information for a future conversation with a potential lead.

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