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Effective (And Inexpensive!) Ways To Make Your Trade Show Booth Dazzle

Love the design of your customized trade show booth, but still want a few effective, yet inexpensive, ways to make it stand apart from the competition even more? It’s easier than you may think. Once you have a customized trade show booth from a reputable provider, all you’ll need are just a few simple tweaks and accessories to ensure that your exhibit dazzles every visitor that wanders in.

Go Simple To Maximize Impact With Your Trade Show Booth

If you’re preparing for your next live event and want to include a few enhancements before the expo begins, consider the following proven tactics to command attention on the showroom floor:

Include a customized banner stand

Corporate banner stands are an inexpensive way to enhance any live marketing exhibit. Place yours strategically throughout the venue to grab the crowd’s wandering eye and subtly direct them to your trade show booth.

Rent a place to sit

Even the most innovative and engaging marketing exhibit can prove unwelcoming if it doesn’t offer a place for guests to sit. Rent a table and some chairs to be placed inside or outside of your exhibit. It’s an easy way to get your visitors to relax and engage with your sales team without overwhelming them.

Cover the table

Tablecloths customized with your logo and other brand identifying images can quickly enhance your rented tables, making them more than just welcoming… they’ll become memorable, a key factor in helping spread the reach of your organization.

Use shelving

Want a fast and cost-effective way to stay organized throughout your live marketing exhibit? Use shelving in your display. Renting or even purchasing a few small shelving units can quickly organize any promotional materials and keep your stand from getting overly cluttered.

Use your laptops

Sure, you could rent laptops and other electronic devices to stream videos and marketing material at the function. However, if you’re looking to save on costs, having your team bring their own laptops to the event can help minimize overall expense. Have team members simply bring them in carry-on bags to save on shipping costs.

Stream music

Since you already have your laptops with you for presentations, you may want to also consider using one of them to stream relaxing music from your trade show booth during the event. Softly playing music can truly set the tone and deliver an inviting atmosphere that encourages guests to stay to ask questions and learn more about your products.

Include fresh flowers

Have a few flat surfaces that could use a little sprucing up? Try fresh flowers. No need to break the bank with a fancy arrangements, just a simple display (or even a bouquet created at a grocery store local to the venue) can help your trade show booth stand out from the opposition. Bonus perk? They’ll smell great too!

Use a giveaway

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Not only do handouts encourage guests to stop in during the event, they can actually prove a relatively inexpensive differentiator. Team with a professional company that can put your logo and brand identity on the item you choose to guarantee long-lasting impact with everyone who receives it.

Looking for a customized San Antonio trade show booth that will capture your business’ core image? Xtreme Xhibits (, a leading provider of award-winning exhibits, can help you command attention and achieve the results you deserve. Visit today to learn how Xtreme Xhibits can help you beat out the competition.

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