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Easy Ways to Locate Quality Suppliers for Your Trade Show Display

Easy Ways to Locate Quality Suppliers for Your Trade Show Display

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Trade shows are a great opportunity to market your business, products and services, display your products, make new contacts, and generate leads. You will also get a chance to check out your competitors. Although exhibiting a display at a trade show will involve money and time, the financial marketing returns make it a worthwhile investment.

In order to have a successful display at a trade show, you need to have quality exhibit. Your exhibit should be professional, with quality images and signage that catches the eye of all those walking by your display. The consumer should know what your message is as soon as they look at the display.

Professional trade show suppliers will provide you with supplies that maintain your business vision and goals. As well, the supplier should have a showroom where you can view their displays. Quality trade show suppliers should also have an online site that provides pictures of their products.

The trade show supplier should have experience and a list of references to show that they are an expert. You should find out their area of expertise so that they can supply you with the products you want to use in the display. This can include the type of graphics, banners, equipment for digital signage, posters, panels, etc. You want to make sure that they have top quality and modern products. Ask for a consultation which should be free.

Ask each supplier to provide you with a written proposal about how they would develop your tradeshow exhibit design, based on a set of factors that you provide them. Criteria for the proposal may include type of events you will attend, your goal for trade show participation, space requirements, budget, design requests, etc. When you consult with a tradeshow supplier, you want to make sure they can design what you want for the trade show. Clearly explain the purpose of your business and display, and what you expect from a supplier. Find out their shipping methods and costs as well as their delivery times. You should also find out if they arrive early to set up or even the night before the trade show. Ask about the total costs of their services including any hidden fees such as shipping, taxes, etc. Get an upfront quote.

The average trade show visitor spends less than three seconds looking at a display so your design must grab their attention quickly. The appearance of your trade show booth is an essential aspect of attracting visitors. It is important to have the appropriate furnishings, branding message, and that your items are displayed in an organized and professional manner. Your graphics, images, and posters, are all key to making a professional display.

When planning for a trade show, it is important that you do not wait until the last minute to arrange your exhibit. Do your research for a quality trade show supplier that can meet all of your needs. Consulting and working with a tradeshow supplier will ensure a quality display and successful trade show event.

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