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Don’t Confuse Local Search With Other Search Support

Successful online businesses have used and continue to use local search to its advantage and for good reasons, too. On one hand, customers are more likely to search for local businesses for their desired products and services because doing so provides for more opportunities to establish a good professional relationship with the vendor. On the other hand, businesses give the positive impression that their establishments are within easy reach, thanks to the geographical proximity.

In terms of search engines, launching a local search campaign means higher rankings on the results page. This is because your keywords will be matched to the location of the Netizen looking for said terms. For example, the keywords “sporting goods” will generate search engine results from Paris to Timbuktu but with a local search, the results will be narrowed down to your specific geographical area.

But don’t confuse local search from other types of search support either. It is important to be informed with the what, why and how of local search support so that you can better wield it to your advantage. Here is a primer.

Local search involves the use of specialized online search engines allowing users the submission of specific geographical searches against local business listings on a structured database. Basically, it limits the search results to the matter of “where the business is located”.

For example, an ad hoc search will have a keyword of “restaurants” while a local search will qualify the keyword with the addition of a specific place. The place can be as generalized as, say, New York or as specific as possible such as Manhattan. It can even be so specific as to include the street!

Using local search to your advantage requires the following steps:

- Build and track your online citations especially in directories, blogs and social media

- Customize your Google keywords

- Post press releases, blogs and other ways to increase your online presence using the specific area as one of the keywords (i.e., restaurants Salt Lake City)

- Monitor the comments, posts and other feedback about your products and services

- Use tracking tools

In the end, your success in using local search tools and techniques can spell the difference between your success in the real world and failure in it. Start your success in the real world by using local search in the virtual world, we always say.

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