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Differences Between Search Engine Optimization And Search Engine Marketing

Well-done Lehigh Valley web design created by a professional web design agency is certainly important to the success of your business. Your website can be a consumers first experience with your brand so your Lehigh Valley web design needs to be visually appealing and user friendly. Additionally, you need to work with your web design agency to ensure that all of the necessary content a consumer will be looking for is present in your Lehigh Valley web design.

But even if your business has a great web design in the Lehigh Valley with all of these components, thanks to a web design agency, you still need a strategy that will drive consumers to your website. Thats where internet marketing comes into play.

A web design agency can also help you with your internet marketing strategy, including a strategy for Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, and Search Engine Optimization or SEO in the Lehigh Valley. While both SEM and SEO in the Lehigh Valley are both facets of internet marketing, they are different from one another. While your web design agency can be of assistance, its important that you as a business owner understand the difference between SEM and SEO in the Lehigh Valley so that you can decide which one is or whether both are right for you.

SEM for your Lehigh Valley business involves driving traffic to your website, often through the use of paid advertising placements. Whether your ad created by your web design agency appears in the search engine results itself or on another companys website, the process of clicking on the ad will drive that consumer to the landing page of your choice. SEM encompasses paid advertising as well as free strategies known as SEO in the Lehigh Valley.

Lehigh Valley SEO is the process of optimizing your website in an effort to increase the number of visitors directed to your website from search engine results. Keywords have a lot of weight when it comes to SEO. Strategically choosing keywords relevant to your companys products and services help search engines better understand your website, sending more relevant traffic your way and increasing the success of your SEO in the Lehigh Valley.

Both SEM and SEO in the Lehigh Valley are part of a key marketing tactic known as internet marketing. Your well-done web design is not contributing to the success of your business unless there is traffic to it. Choose a web design agency that not only can create a stand-out web design in the Lehigh Valley but also understands and has experience in internet marketing so that your business can make the biggest impact.

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