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Customize Your Trade Show Exhibit For Each Expo With Modular Displays

Every exhibitor wants a trade show exhibit that stands out from the crowd. But what is the best way to achieve that? Large, custom designs can be effective at getting attention but they are also expensive and they can be static, meaning they can’t be changed very much from show to show. This can present a problem if the exhibitions you attend have wildly different booth footprints or if you want to be able to share the exhibit with different departments in your organization. It might not meet every department’s needs.

Modular displays to the rescue! These highly adaptable exhibits are compact, affordable and most of all adjustable.

Modular Displays Are Tops In Adaptability

There isn’t a trade show design out there that is more adaptable than a modular one. These mid-sized exhibits feature individual components that can be swapped in or out, rearranged and replaced as needed. Theoretically, you could have a different configuration for each day you attend the trade show!

More likely, however, is that you’ll have a different look and configuration for every trade show you attend, not every day you’re at the trade show. This adaptability makes them a great choice for companies that want to save money by having multiple departments use the same display. Instead of purchasing a new display for every department, a company can just purchase new graphics tailored to each department’s needs and use that with the existing hardware.

They are easily compatible with each other and with other types of exhibits. This allows you to make exhibits larger or smaller or designed to fit awkward booth spaces with ease. Your exhibit can be fully customized and include space for workstations, demos, literature racks, presentations and meeting space and even storage. It’s just as functional as the larger stationary exhibits with just as many features available.

Not only that, these exhibits highly adaptable. Since each component can stand alone, they are suitable for everything from international trade shows to community job fairs. Take all the pieces with you to the big shows and take along just a few of the smaller components that will fit in your allotted space to the job fairs.

Not To Be Confused With Pop-Ups

These are not the same as pop-up or even portable designs. Although they are highly portable, they do not pack into as compact a package as the other two display types. Modular displays are also bigger and heavier than pop-ups and can be rearranged to create many different looks; a flexibility that pop-ups do not offer.

The heavier weight of modular displays is one of their many benefits. Their heavy-duty construction helps them last longer throughout all the setup and breakdown. They’re designed to be strong so they can stand up to heavy use and frequent travel.

Go Modular And Get it All

If you want to maximize your trade show display budget, modular displays can’t be beat. They offer the most options in terms of flexibility and design, making them suitable for every industry and every type of exhibition.

Skyline Canada offers trade show and event exhibits to match any size of company and budget, ranging from tabletop and modular displays ( to large-scale island exhibits. Contact Skyline the next time you need a creative and eye-catching display, and check out a gallery of the latest designs at

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